Helfštýn Castle, Olomouc, Czech Republic (with Map & Photos)

Helfštýn Castle Czech Republic

Helfštýn Castle
is a medieval fortress 15 km east of Prerov, in the Olomouc region in Central Moravia, Czech Republic. Helfštýn History is closely related to the development of the neighboring town Lipník nad Bečvou, which has a number of valuable architectural monuments, including a classic castle and one of the oldest late Gothic synagogues in the Czech Republic.

Helfštýn Castle Czech Republic 2
Helfštýn Castle Czech Republic

The ruins of Helfštýn Castle are located on a high wooden hill above the narrowest part of the Moravian Gate and on the left bank of the Bečva River. Complex it is 187 meters long and 152 meters wide. This is one of largest castles in the Czech Republic area.

Helfštýn Castle Map