Interesting Facts About Li River, China (with Map & Photos)

Li River China

The Li River is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on the planet. It starts in the Maoer Mountains and flows in China's Guangxi Zhuang district. Then the channel goes south, passing through the villages of Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. In addition, other streams flow into the river and it continues, changing its name to Bill. The length of the two streams is 437 km.

Li River China 2
Li River China

Unusual nature

The full Chinese name of the river is Lijiang. Green hills and picturesque mountain peaks extend beside it. The Li River is incredibly clean and clear. The section between Guilin and Yangshuo is the most attractive destination for tourists. Here you can see huge rocks, fabulous caves and cozy villages. The banks of Lijiang are considered to be deposition sites for a significant amount of karst rocks. The coast is covered with dense reeds used to create original musical instruments. They emit a melodic sound reminiscent of birdsong.

Li River China 3
Li River China

For many centuries, nature has formed bizarre mountains, whose names fully correspond to their color. The most famous is the "Nine Horseshoes" peak. On the steep slope of the mountain, there are semicircular forms of stone. These figures vaguely resemble the tracks of wild horses. A legend about this place is popular with the locals, who talks about the Monkey King and his nine stallions of paradise. One day, the horses left their master and found a wonderful refuge on the banks of Lijiang. Here they had the opportunity to play and relax a lot. Vladyka quickly discovered the fugitives and turned them into stone for disobedience. A person who has discovered all nine horseshoes is considered to have an extraordinary mind and a special intellect.

Li River China 4
Li River China

Note for tourists

The Li River in China is charming in all seasons and in any climate. In the sunlight, the mountains are reflected in the crystal clear waters of Lijiang and, on cloudy days, they are mysteriously covered in mist. Summer here is the rainy season - it is best to take an umbrella and a raincoat with you at this time.

Li River China 5
Li River China

A cruise on the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo will be the highlight of your trip to China. There are usually two ships cruising here, leaving at 9:00 am and 9:30 am The duration of the walk on the river is 4-5 hours. At the end of the cruise, the city of Yangshuo, a variety of cafes and hotels await tourists. Additional exploration of the landscape can be continued with a rented bicycle or moped. If you plan to enjoy the beauty of nature on board, remember that in winter the water level in Lijiang drops significantly. Because of this, the duration of the cruise is reduced significantly. This time of year will be ideal for tourists who prefer to enjoy the peace and tranquility of unspoiled nature.

Li River China 6
Li River China

You can get to know the peculiarities of the region and the way of life of the indigenous population by walking along the Li River. The most famous trekking route is the stretch between Yandi and Xingping. This location is represented on the 20 yuan Chinese banknote.

Li River Map