Union Falls - Unique Waterfall in Yellowstone's Bechler Area

Other than the impressive Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, Union Falls had to be my favorite waterfall in Yellowstone National Park.

Union Falls Wyoming
Union Falls Wyoming

It was easy to see why it has been recognized as Yellowstone National Park's most stunning waterfall on several occasions.

Union Falls had a more delicate and elegant aspect that was accentuated by its uniqueness and magnitude, in contrast to Lower Falls, which had the evident force and scale sitting inside the impossibly magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

As you can see from the photo above, Union Falls was an impressive sight with its 250–260 foot drop (reported to be the second tallest permanent waterfall behind Lower Falls) and breadth that appeared to be as least as broad as it was tall.

However, because of the combination of Mountain Ash and an unidentified creek, this waterfall's teepee or curtain form assured that it was unique.

The Ouzel Pool's geothermally heated, tepid swimming hole is located beneath a different waterfall as if that weren't enough. (also referred to as Scout Pool).

That was only a quick diversion for some recreation and rest.

Indeed, Union Falls appeared to meet every need for a waterfall in terms of all the desired characteristics.