Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona (with Map & Photos)

I have to say that Havasu Falls, also known as Havasupai Falls, is one of the most stunning waterfalls I have ever seen.

We observed it as two plumes descending parallel to one another after a roughly 90-foot freefall.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon Arizona
Havasu Falls Grand Canyon Arizona Imagens

Travertine deposits on the reddish cliffs' undersides gave them a cave-like appearance.

The water's turquoise hue was created by calcium carbonate deposits in Havasu Creek, which also formed travertine dams and is the source of these waterfalls.

As a result, these dams created swimming holes that were deep enough to provide relief from the desert heat.

In fact, if there existed a location that perfectly embodied a desert oasis, this would probably be the closest to what we, or most likely anybody else would imagine.

Change is inevitable

Despite this, though, change always seems to be the rule since nature, despite being eternal, doesn't remain still.

Major flash floods have occurred in Havasu Canyon in the past and will likely occur again.

The structure and characteristics of the canyon alter, waterfalls disappear and new ones emerge, and even the travertine dams arise and go with each significant flood event.

In the case of Havasu Falls, the cascade was previously 120 feet tall in a broader, single column, before the flash flood incident in 1997.

Additionally, it was claimed that the travertine dams were considerably bigger and functioned almost like spas for guests looking to unwind and cool down.

However, since that disaster, the intensity of a flash flood has destroyed over a fifth of its height.

The single dive eventually split into the two plumes you can see in the photos we took and that are displayed on this website. Supai Falls was also devastated by this flood outburst.

More recently, the 2008 flash flood disaster changed the channel of the creek, causing the loss of Navajo Falls while resulting in the creation of two new waterfalls.

Additionally, siltation is said to have caused the plunge pools beneath Havasu Falls to become smaller. Even one of its twin plumes' breadth looked to have shrunk. (eventually disappearing altogether).