Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, England (with Map & Photos)

Every December, fans of the British royal family look forward to a Christmas service at Sandringham. At this moment, you can see the Queen, the Prince of Wales with his wife and children, who are heading to the Church of Mary Magdalene for the service. Sandringham Estate in Norfolk becomes home to the royal family at Christmas. From April to November it is open to the public for mere mortals.

Sandringham Estate
Sandringham Estate

History of Sandringham Estate

According to archaeologists, stone tools from the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras, the remains of a Roman villa, were found on the site of the modern building. Sandringham was first mentioned in 1086 in a kind of census conducted by William the Conqueror.

In 1862, Queen Victoria purchased the estate for her eldest son in connection with his marriage to Alexandra of Denmark. The love of the heir to the throne for the palace was passed on to his descendant. Sandringham Estate in England became home to his son George V, his grandson George VI and his great granddaughter Elizabeth II.

Sandringham Estate
Sandringham Estate

The palace was very loved by Alexandra of Denmark, who continued to live here after the death of her husband. Her son and grandson died at Sandringham. The first lived in a York Cottage specially built for him, and the second had to buy the residence from his older brother. Since it is the private property of the royal family, the abdication of Edward VIII from the throne did not deprive him of the right to the estate. The daughter of George VI, the current Queen Elizabeth II, has no less warm feelings for the estate. She comes here for Christmas and New Year.

Description of the estate

Sandringham Estate "grew" from an old manor house. The former building had to be rebuilt, as it became too crowded for the royal family. Now Sandringham Estate is called the most comfortable house in England, although in Victorian times it stood out from a number of all residential buildings. Externally, the design is a combination of Tudor and Annin style. If we look at Sandringham Estate in the photo, then the bird's eye view will especially clearly demonstrate the difference between the right and left sides.

Sandringham Estate
Sandringham Estate

The following objects are of the greatest interest to tourists:

  1. Premises. Visitors to Sandringham Manor in Norfolk can see a number of rooms on the ground floor. They show the life of the modern monarchy. Photography is strictly prohibited, but tourists describe the rooms as "cozy, richly decorated, but without pompous gilding." Sandringham House keeps many paintings and few books, Russian and Scandinavian silver (gifts from Maria Feodorovna, before her marriage to Dagmara of Denmark, to her own sister, Alexandra of Denmark).
  2. Gardens. The Sandringham residence is especially beautiful in late autumn thanks to the royal gardens, which were given great attention by all its owners. William Thomas did a good job creating picturesque corners, rockeries, grottoes, a patio with a garden. Later, Sir Eric Saville added a collection of rhododendrons. Especially for George VI, a garden was laid out, which he could admire from the window.
  3. The Church of Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, which has been visited by members of the royal family at Christmas for decades. The church was built on the estate in the 16th century. There is a Greek font of the 9th century in the church. and stained glass windows of the 16th century. Outside, the temple is built of karston, sedimentary sandstone.

How to get there?

Sandringham Estate on the map is located 200 km from London. You can get to the sights along the B1440 highway.

Sandringham Estate Map