Everglades National Park, Florida, USA (with Map & Photos)

The Everglades is the third largest national park in the United States in terms of area. It is located in three counties at once in the south of the Florida peninsula. A significant part of the park is swampy. The Everglades swamp system is considered the largest in the world.

Everglades National Park Florida
Everglades National Park Florida

The Everglades National Park covers an area of ​​over 1,500,000 acres.

Founded back in 1947, the park is already on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here, among the prairies covered with sword grass, numerous rivers and lakes, you can meet Mississippi alligators, caimans, poisonous snakes and turtles in their natural habitat.

Everglades National Park Florida
Everglades National Park Florida

Take a walk along the forest paths and watch rare birds and animals. And off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, see manatees and dolphins. A total of forty species of animals from the Red Book and a little less than a thousand species of plants, including endemics that grow only in this area.

Tickets to Everglades Park

Entrance to the national park is paid. To enter the Everglades, you need to purchase a ticket at one of the three entrances. The cost depends on the mode of transportation in the park:

  • for travel by car - $ 30;
  • for a motorcycle - $ 25;
  • cyclists and pedestrians - $15.

Children under the age of 16 can enter for free.

Everglades National Park Florida
Everglades National Park Florida

Tickets are valid for a week and can be used to enter all areas of the Everglades. Excursions are paid extra.

Seasons to visit

The national park is open throughout the year, but the climate here is divided into two distinct seasons.

The dry season runs from November to March, while the wet season runs from April to November.
In which month it is better to visit the park depends on personal preferences. Winter is considered the best time to visit the Everglades. During this period, a comfortable temperature is maintained and there are practically no mosquitoes, but most of the vegetation turns yellow.

In summer, the situation is reversed. The air gets very hot and the humidity is high. But the swamps look more picturesque. The only time of the year to refrain from visiting the national park is autumn, as the hurricane season runs from September to November.

Everglades National Park Florida
Everglades National Park Florida

How to get there

To get into the Everglades National Park, you need to use one of three entrances. They are located in different cities of Florida at a distance of a couple of hours from each other.

Entrances to the northern part of the park are located near Miami and Everglades City, and to the south - in Homestead. You can only get to them by car, as there are no public transport stops near the park.

Everglades National Park Map