Holidays in French Polynesia Islands (with Map & Photos)

French Polynesia is a heavenly overseas territory of a sophisticated metropolis. Exotic nature here is complemented by European chic: holidays on the islands are excellent hotels and the best diving in the world. Tahiti, Bora Bora and Tuamotu - all about French Polynesia: photos, tours and prices.

French Polynesia Islands
French Polynesia Islands

French Polynesia is 118 very different islands in terms of relief and nature, offering wealthy travelers from across the ocean a VIP beach vacation. And French Polynesia is an almost complete collection of advertising stamps from tourist brochures. "Endless white sand beaches?" In stock. "Crystal clear coastal waters?" But how! "Motley flocks of tropical fish?" Where do without them, darlings. "Large tropical greenery?" Well, you understand.

French Polynesia Islands
French Polynesia Islands

The coolest thing is that all of the above is true. Of course, it was not without drawbacks, which include hefty prices for tours, as well as a long-distance connecting flight, which can turn into a trip in itself.

The main resorts of French Polynesia

The capital is Papeete, the administrative center of all French Polynesia.

Society Islands:
  • Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, Taha'a, Huahine
Tuamotu Archipelago:
  • Manihi, Rangiroa, Tikehau
Marquesas Islands:
  • Nuku Hiva, Hiva'oa

French Polynesia Islands
French Polynesia Islands

The climate of French Polynesia

Two seasons are conditionally distinguished on the islands - warm and humid (November-May) and cool and dry (June-October). In fact, the difference between them is insignificant, the temperature on any day of the year fluctuates between +20... +30 °C.

Average air temperature in Papeete in °C, by months: January +30, February +29, March +29, April +29, May +25, June +24, July +24, August +24, September +25, October + 27, November +28, December +29.

French Polynesia Islands
French Polynesia Islands

The sun in French Polynesia shines very brightly, and there is little rainfall. Rains can be both short-term evening showers and prolonged drizzle lasting up to several days.

Exhausting heat does not happen here - a cool breeze from the ocean helps to calmly endure the heat.

Entertainment and attractions of French Polynesia

Located in the capital, the Pearl Museum and colorful local markets where you can see with your own eyes almost any fruit or vegetable. And on the island of Moorea you can see the sacred mountain Mt. Rotui, Cook's Bay and the ruins of an ancient temple.

And yet, most of the attractions of French Polynesia are natural or are below sea level, that is, under water.

French Polynesia Islands Map