Kjeragbolten: The Stone of Love in Norway (with Map & Photos)

Kjeragbolten is the most dangerous rock in the world not because it is located over a precipice of 1084 meters, but simply because tourists who like to hike in Norway love to tickle their nerves and almost every one of them strives to climb this rock. stone block to add adrenaline to your blood. A gust of wind is enough and you will be blown into the gorge because you simply don’t have any safety belts. In good weather, of course, there is nothing to be afraid of. True, tourists are warned that if you do not have sufficiently stable and firm legs, then it is better not to take risks.

stone of love norway
Kjeragbolten The Stone of Love Norway

On such trips, I am especially surprised by German travelers. They always appear in a group of several people, arrange folding chairs right on the edge of a terrifying cliff, and enjoy the view, while the rest of the tourists literally creep up to the edge in a belligerent way to look at the Lysefjorden with bated breath from above. Some brave Germans even set up a tent on the Kjerag plateau and spent the night in a place where there was no one else besides the wind walking between the rocks. By the way, the volume of this cobblestone is about 5 m 3.

Kjeragbolten stone of love norway
Kjeragbolten The Stone of Love Norway


The famous Kjeragbolten boulder is located on the fault of the Kjerag mountain plateau near the northern peak. The plateau is part of the sheer stone "walls" of the Lysefjord, a 42-kilometer-long tectonic fault in Rogaland county (Vestland region, Norway). More than 400 million years ago, there was a glacier here, on the site of which Lake Ringedalsvatn later appeared.

Kjeragbolten Norway
Kjeragbolten The Stone of Love Norway

The highest peak is at an altitude of 1084 meters above sea level, the stone itself is in a rocky crack 100 meters below, and the starting point of the route is at an altitude of 600 meters at the Eagle's Nest restaurant (Øygardstølen). The nearest town, Lysebotn, is located in the eastern part of the fjord and is connected to Øygardstølen by a mountain serpentine with 27 sharp turns (open to traffic only in summer).

Kjeragbolten Norway
Kjeragbolten The Stone of Love Norway

How to get there

Tourists come to the Kjerag Plateau (Øygardstølen) on their own or as part of an excursion. The nearest major city is Stavanger, from where you can reach Lysebotn in 2-3 hours by tourist or regular ferry (Stavanger - Lauvik - Lysebotn), rented car, or sightseeing bus.

By car, you need to get to the town of Lyusebotn along the FV-45 or FV-42 highway, and from there to the paid car parking Kjerag Parking along the FV500 serpentine (7 km). 500 meters from Lysebotn, you can stay at the Kjerag Lysebotn Camping Resort - in a guest house or in your own tent.

Kjeragbolten Map