10 Best & Fun Things to Do In Dallas, Texas (with Photos)

The United States has many movie destinations and that is why we want to tell you about all the things to do in Dallas, Texas so that you can live an unforgettable adventure. Make the most of this beautiful city in the company of your family. You won't regret it!

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Things to Do in Dallas Texas

Visit Dallas, Texas

In addition to being the largest city in the United States without connection to the sea, Dallas was declared a territory by the Spanish Empire. Likewise, Dallas, Texas belonged to the state of Coahuila, later in 1846, it became part of the United States.

In order to travel, it is necessary for all Mexicans to have a US VISA. As we know, it is an official document that is issued at the United States embassy in our country and certifies whether we can travel or not.

The weather in Dallas, Texas is a bit mixed; for example, in summer they easily reach 40ÂșC. As for winter, the temperatures are cold and frosts occur, with snowfall easily.

Therefore, it is important to carry your US VISA in hand, in addition, we recommend you check what season of the year you will travel to know what the weather will be like in Dallas, Texas and also, know what type of clothing is convenient to pack.

Learn what to do in Dallas, Texas

Now that you have everything ready to travel, but you still don't know what to do in Dallas, Texas, don't worry! In the same way that we explain everything you should take into account, here we share the best places to visit in Dallas.

1. Stroll through the Dallas Botanical Garden

Without a doubt, walking among the beautiful tulips and admiring French-style ponds can only be done at the Dallas Botanical Garden. It has 267 thousand square kilometers, it has 14 thematic gardens that you cannot miss while visiting the city.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Dallas Botanical Garden

2. Marvel at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is one of the tourist places in Dallas that you must visit. In addition to admiring its 15-kilometer set of trails, you can walk, run, bike, and you'll also find fishing piers, canoe rides, and kayak tours.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
White Rock Lake

3. Get excited at Dallas Stadium

One of the things to do is visit its stadium, since it is a symbol of this state. It is the home of the Dallas Cowboys and one of the largest and most important for the NFL. American football is very important in this country, if you are a fan, you will love it.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Dallas Cowboys Stadium

4. Dinner in Medieval Times

Medieval Times is one of the tourist places in Dallas, Texas where you can transport yourself to medieval times and see sword battles, games and many events of the fifteenth century, while enjoying a delicious dinner with your whole family. Live an unforgettable night.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Medieval Times Texas

5. Do your Shopping at Galleria Dallas

Don't forget to go shopping. In the same way as in the entire United States, Dallas has an exclusive shopping center called Galleria Dallas. Four floors where you will find shops of all kinds, and you can skate on its ice rink.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Gallery Mall Dallas

Cultural Attractions in Dallas

As we know, the United States is full of history and culture, therefore Dallas, Texas is not far behind. That is why we have listed the cultural attractions that you can find in this emblematic city. Prepare your itinerary now!

6. Visit the Dallas Zoo

Located south of downtown, the Dallas Zoo is one of the largest in Texas, at 420,000 square meters with 2,000 species of animals from around the world. In addition, the whole family can interact with the animals, you can take camel or pony rides.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Dallas Zoo

7. Dive into the Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium has many exhibits of marine and terrestrial species. As for its exhibits, you can meet crocodiles, spiders, bat birds, octopuses, seahorses and a wide variety of fish.

8. Marvel at the Sixth Floor Museum

This museum dedicated to the assassination of John F. Kennedy is, without a doubt, one of the most visited in Dallas, Texas. As you walk through its corridors, you will be able to see photographs, videos and statements of witnesses to the incident, as well as view recordings of John F. Kennedy.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Sixth Floor Dallas

9. Get to know the Reunion Tower

Tourism in Dallas begins by visiting the Reunion Tower, a symbol of architecture since 1978 with a height of 171 meters. Also, in its spherical shape it has three levels, the first being a terrace, the second is ideal for private events and the third, a luxurious revolving restaurant.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Dallas Reunion Tower

10. Walk through Dealey Square

One of the things to do in Dallas is to stroll through Dealey Plaza, known for being the birthplace of Dallas and because it was the site of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. This is a beautiful plaza.

Things to Do in Dallas Texas
Dealay Kennedy Square

Taste the flavors of Dallas

When traveling, one of the things to do in Dallas is to try its main dishes, for example, Barbeque which consists of cooked brisket with barbecue sauce. You should also eat Chili con carne (meat, bean and chili soup), as it has been an official state dish since 1977.

In addition to having dishes with Mexican ingredients, they have a very characteristic dessert from Dallas, the Pecan pie, where under the layer of nuts, there is another layer of cream, corn syrup and sugar. It is served with ice cream and is definitely a must try!