Meelup Regional Park, Australia (with Map & Photos)

Meelup Regional Park is a coastal regional park near the Western Australian city of Dunsborough in the state's Southwest region. It includes 11.5 kilometers (7.1 mi) of coastline between Dunsborough and Bunker Bay (the latter is in Leeuwyn Naturalist National Park). It includes Meelup Beach and Eagle Bay, as well as other attractions such as Gannet Rock, Rocky Point, Castle Bay, Curtis Bay, and Point Peak. It is an A-class reserve managed by the local government of the City of Busselton in partnership with the Meelup Regional Park Management Committee.

Meelup Regional Park
Meelup Regional Park

Flora and Fauna

Vegetation in the Meelup Regional Park includes jarrah and marri forests, banksia forests, heather, low scrub, annual grasses, grasses, and orchids. The Meelup Malli (Eucalyptus × phylacis) and the Cape Orchid Spider (Caladenia Caesarea subsp. marnum are endemic to the park. Animals of conservation value in the park include the lesser bandicoot (Quenda), Carnaby's black cockatoo, Boden's black cockatoo, and the red-tailed black cockatoo, then rainbow bee-eater, then Caspian tern, thenthe western bat lies the bat, and the western ringtail opossum. Problems are caused by wildlife such as cats, rabbits and foxes, plants such as wedding creepers, arum lily, Cape single-leaf tulip and Sydney Golden Wattle, and dieback caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi.

Meelup Regional Park Map