Valle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama (with Map & Photos)

Valle de la Luna is located 13 km west of San Pedro de Atacama, in northern Chile, in the Cordillera de la Sal, in the Atacama Desert.

Valle de la Luna Chile
Valle de la Luna Chile

Sanctuary of Nature decreed in 1982, the Valle de la Luna is more than a geological marvel with an extraordinary range of colors. Located in the depression that surrounds Sierra Orbate at 2550 meters above sea level, the innumerable visual attractions that it possesses are the product of wind erosion that has formed a sculpted landscape with sharp ridges, hollows, and mounds. Ecstatic with sedimentary rocks intervened by various minerals, such as salt, clay, chlorate, chlorate, and gypsum, the Valle de la Luna is a territory destined for the contemplation of a silent spectacle, devoid of flora, fauna, and humidity.

Chile is one of the most amazing countries in the world, It is a long strip of land sandwiched between the majestic Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Despite the rich cultural heritage and many historical sights, the main decoration of this region is undoubtedly its nature. Gorgeous beaches, first-class vineyards, and snow-capped volcanoes are what millions of tourists come here for every year. One of the most popular and famous places in Chile is the Valle de la Luna, located in the driest desert on the planet Atacama. Let's tell you more about it.

Valle de la Luna Chile
Valle de la Luna Chile

Where is Moon Valley located?

Valle de la Luna is located in northern Chile, about 17 km from San Pedro de Atacama, surrounded by the hills of the Cordillera de la Sal mountain range. A peculiar landmark on the way to this place is the Salar de Atacama, the largest in Chile and one of the world's largest salt marshes, which impresses with its size: its area is about 3000 km², and the length and width are 100 and 80 kilometers, respectively.

As for the weather conditions in this region, the climate here is arid. There are even places where it hasn't rained for hundreds of years. It is much colder at night than during the day, so everyone who wants to visit Valle de la Luna should bring some warm jackets or sweaters with them. The average annual temperature is +16... + 24 ° ะก.

Mysteries of nature

The Valle de la Luna of the Atacama Desert is the most mysterious and romantic attraction in Chile. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come here all year round, primarily to admire the mesmerizing landscapes.

The secret of the Valle de la Luna lies in the unique landscape that resembles the surface of the Moon - hence the name of this area. In fact, there is nothing unusual here: numerous stone and sandy formations of various shapes and sizes were carved under the influence of strong winds and regular rainfall. However, due to the impressive range of colors and textures, this place really looks like something unearthly.

Valle de la Luna Chile
Valle de la Luna Chile

When the sun goes down, the Valle de la Luna seems to take on life: silent shadows are reflected on the edges of hills and gorges, the wind blows among the rocks and the sky plays in different shades - from pink to purple and finally black. If you look at the photo of the Valle de la Luna, you can also see small white areas - dry lakes, where, due to the different salt composition, formations similar to man-made sculptures appeared. Thanks to such natural beauty, in 1982 this place received the status of a natural monument.

How to get there?

Valle de la Luna is part of the Los Flamencos National Park, located on the border of Chile and Argentina, so you can get here from both countries. The nearest town, Calama, is about 100 km from Valle de la Luna. You can cover this distance by car or taxi. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours. For a budget tourist, the best solution would be to book an excursion at one of the local travel agencies.

Valle de la Luna Map