Caprera Island, Sardinia, Italy (with Map & Photos)

Caprera Island

Caprera Island (Sardinia, Italy), notable for its beauty and history, attracts a large number of tourists. The famous revolutionary leader G. Garibaldi spent the last years of his life among the blossoming Mediterranean nature. Among the Maddalena archipelago, there is the Caprera Island (Sardinia, Italy), notable for its beauty and history. It was here, among the blooming Mediterranean nature, that the famous revolutionary leader G. Garibaldi spent the last years of his life, whose name is now inextricably linked with this wonderful corner of the Earth.

Caprera Island 2
Caprera Island

The nature of the island

The Caprera Island ranks second in area among the entire archipelago, spreading over 15.7 sq. km of land. The length of the coast is 45 km, you can moor without hindrance from any side, however, the largest number of bays and berths is located in the south-west. The highest point of Caprera is Teyalone, 212 m high. The island owes its name to one of its brightest inhabitants - wild goats (Italian capra - "goat"), which freely frolic in the local open spaces. However, not only these amazing and restive animals live here comfortably, but also many rare birds: cormorants, royal gulls, peregrine falcons, which are among the specially protected species. Today the Caprera Island in Sardinia (Italy) has been turned into a nature reserve.

Caprera Island 3
Caprera Island

The Caprera Island became widely known thanks to Giuseppe Garibaldi, the leader of the liberation movement and a revolutionary. Here the politician spent the last segment of his life, leaving many interesting artifacts: a clock that stopped at the time of the final of the earthly existence of Senor Garibaldi, his personal boat, many other personal items kept in the house-museum, and, of course, an amazing tangerine a garden that beckons with its scents and splendid views. Walking slowly along its paths and winding paths, you can enjoy the beauty and imbued with the history of the place, because it was the garden that the revolutionary paid special attention to during his lifetime. The only caveat is the prohibition of photographing both the external and internal expositions of the museum.

Caprera Island 4
Caprera Island

For those who are attracted by active recreation more than historical walks, the Caprera Island (Sardinia, Italy) will also not let you get bored. There is a sailing training center in Porto Palma, where you can master the maneuvers of navigating the waves and learn how to control the currents of the wind. There is also a dolphin research center and a nature reserve with rare and beautiful birds.

Caprera Island 5
Caprera Island

On the beaches of Caprera Island, unusual pink sand, which, combined with clear turquoise water in everyone, can awaken an artist or a poet, and its secluded coves are ideal for the most romantic evenings and leisurely, languid relaxation.

Caprera Island Map