Pirin National Park, Bansko, Bulgaria (with Map & Photos)

Pirin National Park Bulgaria

Pirin National Park (Bansko, Bulgaria) - exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes.

The Pirin National Park is located in southwestern Bulgaria, almost at the junction with Macedonia and Northern Greece. This is a huge mountain-forest area of ​​about 400 sq. km, with the center in the resort town of Bansko . In winter, these places become a ski Mecca due to affordable prices compared to alpine resorts. In summer, the tourist flow is much less and in vain, because Pirin is a great place for year-round outdoor activities.

Pirin National Park Bulgaria 2
Pirin National Park Bulgaria

The best time to visit the Pirin National Park for lovers of winter beauty is from December to March. For those who like the combination of snow-white peaks and warm valleys - May-June, for fans of heat - July-September, and for autumn landscapes - October-early November.

Pirin National Park Bulgaria 3
Pirin National Park Bulgaria

Several mountain ranges pass through the park, with dozens of peaks about 2.5 km high. Valleys covered with meadows, coniferous forests filling the air with useful phytoncides, mountain rivers, the absence of active transport routes and any production facilities at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, Pirin National Park in Bulgaria is a majestic natural beauty plus ideal ecology.

Those who go to the mountains for a few days can stay in huts or small guest houses right on the way to the top.

Pirin National Park Bulgaria 4
Pirin National Park Bulgaria

Here you can go trekking, mountaineering, photo hunting, observe flora and fauna, combining this with swimming in the purest glacial lakes. Ski lifts allow you to climb higher and enjoy the views. It is best to choose Bansko as a base for traveling in the Pirin National Park: prices for accommodation, meals and spa treatments outside the snow season are very pleasant here. You can actively move around the territory with a rented car or mountain bike.

Pirin National Park Map