Washington Monument, Washington DC (with Map & Photos)

Washington Monument Washington DC

Visit to the Washington Monument

In the most interesting tourist area of Washington DC, the National Mall, one of the tallest obelisks in the world stands, we are talking about the Washington Monument that with its almost 170 meters stands out among all the buildings in the area. It is one of the tallest masonry structures in the world.

Washington Monument Washington DC 2
Washington Monument Washington DC

The project of this obelisk dedicated to the first president of the United States of America, George Washington, was designed by the American architect Robert Mills, who in the 1840s developed this ambitious project with the precise objective of endowing the city with a symbol to distinguish it and at the same time to remember the man who had given its name to the capital. The works began quickly in 1848, but as soon as 1861 entered the works were abruptly interrupted due to the Civil War (the Civil War), which moved its completion to 1884.

South of Constitution Avenue and not far from the Smithsonian National Museum (going west) it will be easy to find the Washington Monument. Of course, it should be visited in conjunction with the other attractions in the area, knowing that its proportions will provide spectacular views from almost anywhere on the National Mall. The obelisk is proudly reflected in the Reflecting Pool, a huge pool of water that stretches to the west and makes the Monument even more beautiful and interesting. It was possible thanks to the transfer of huge quantities of marble, granite and sandstone, the main materials with which the structure was made.

Washington Monument Night
Washington Monument Washington DC

In addition to admiring it by day, at dusk and at night, three moments in which it always maintains a great charm, you can also enter its interior after its reopening in May 2014 (it had previously been closed after the earthquake of August 23, 2011 ). Tickets are free and must be collected at the 15th Street box office between Madisno Drive NW and Jefferson Dr SW (open these days and at this time) or can be reserved online at the National Park Service website for a small fee, where you will also find information brochures.

Washington Monument Map