Siargao, The Best Island in the World (with Map & Photos)

Siargao Island

Siargao, the quintessential island paradise, an enchanting island that is the reason why thousands of travelers fall in love with the Philippines. In our guide to the island of Siargao you will discover why this piece of land steals the hearts of those who decide to include it in their trip.

If you are considering whether to include it or not, in our guide to the island of Siargao we give you the information so that Siargao is your next destination.

The teardrop-shaped island is surrounded by turquoise waters, abundant marine life, incredible waves to surf, and a laid-back atmosphere that rejuvenates the spirit of anyone who decides to explore this small territory in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Adventure, sea, lagoons, white sand, amazing locals, local villages and palm trees, lots of palm trees.

If all this sounds like paradise, go ahead and discover Siargao!

Siargao Island Sun
Siargao Island

Tour the island of Siargao by motorcycle

Without a doubt, the best way to discover Siargao is with the wind in your face, to get lost in the bowels of an island full of local life and thus discover the most unique and unspoiled Philippines.

The roads that surround the island are in very good condition and there is little traffic, which makes driving on them a pleasure for all the senses. In a quiet and slow way, you discover a part of the Philippines that is missed in other more developed islands.

On an intense day at the wheel, with or without a guide, you can practically go around the island of Siargao

The most advisable route is to leave in the morning from General Luna towards Pilar to first reach the natural pools of Magpupungko where you have to make sure that the tide is low to be able to bathe in them. Once you have taken a dip, the road continues parallel to the Pacific and full of fishing villages, one of them is Caridad, perhaps the most beautiful town in Siargao which few know. The route continues to Pacifico, Siargao's new surf destination. The route north pays off when you reach Alegria Beach in Santa Monica, the best beach in Siargao.

Both PacĂ­fico and Alegria are ideal places for those looking to get away from the most touristic part of Siargao (General Luna) and discover the tranquility of an authentic place. Both have basic accommodation if you want to make the route in several days.

From the northernmost end of the island, you have to take the road back to General Luna, on the west side of the island, where the sunset will accompany you over its seas of palm trees. You have to continue to the town of Carmen, where the mangrove area begins and where you can see many villages built on top of the water in the style of palafitos (houses with pillars) to protect themselves from rising water levels.

Siargao Island 2
Siargao Island

Daku, Naked and Guyam Islands Tour

Off the coast of General Luna there are three islands: the island of Daku, Naked and Guyam, the ideal place to spend a day full of adventures and enjoy these little paradises surrounded by the ocean.

The first stop of the day is usually Naked Island, which, as the name suggests, is the 'naked' island due to its peculiarity of being deserted. This beautiful stretch of sand has no trees or any signs of life, just beautiful, calm waters together with a colorful reef with good snorkeling. Apart from swimming with the fish there is not much else to do but it is a totally curious and photogenic place ideal to see it from a bird's eye view.

About 20 minutes from Naked there is the island of Daku, the most prominent of the three. Especially because it is the only one inhabited and where you can eat. An active community of locals inhabit this island and they are also in charge of preparing food for the tourists who come to it. Explore the interior of the island, rest in a hammock or bathe in its waters.

The last stop: the island of Guyam. Small island paradise of private property, full of palm trees and white sand. The ideal place to take a nap before returning to General Luna. The island is not inhabited but is frequented by a surfboard builder who works out of his cabin.

Siargao Island Map