Siargao, Philippines Island Tour (with Map & Photos)

Siargao Island is one of the most attractive destinations in the Philippines, especially for those who love water activities such as surfing. This destination is located in the province of Surigao del Norte, in the Mindanao region. Thanks to its geographical location, facing the Pacific Ocean, the island is famous for its winds and exuberant waves.

Siargao Island
Siargao Island

The largest surfing competition in the Philippines is held on the island of Siargao. From Philippines Tourism we are going to give you some essential keys, if you want to know this destination without missing anything. Siargao has a population of about 100,000 people. As a main characteristic we can say that it has few urban centers, but its beaches will not leave you indifferent.

If you are worried about the language issue in Siargao, you should know that, as a general rule, if you get along well in English, you will not have much problem communicating with the inhabitants of the island. The official language is Cebuano, as in the entire province of Surigao.

What to see on Siargao Island?

On the island of Siargao, in addition to carrying out all kinds of tourist and nautical activities, you can enjoy some of the most striking excursions in the Philippines. If you want to know what to see in Siargao, do not miss these points of tourist interest:

1. Magpungko Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Siargao Island. It is located about two hours north of the island. Of course, you should know that to access this beach you will have to pay 50 Philippine pesos. To get to Magpupungko Beach you can choose various forms of transport. However, from Philippines Tourism, we recommend you rent a motorcycle.

On your trip to the beach you will find endless incredible places, where you will want to stop to take a picture. Rice fields, mangroves, lagoons and palm trees everywhere shape the landscape of the road. Without a doubt, your journey to the beach will be an experience in itself.

Once you have arrived at Magpupungko Beach you will enjoy a wonderful swim in the magnificent natural pools that form between the hollows of the rocks that line the coast. This area is beautiful and we recommend that you visit it on your getaway to Siargao Island. Do not forget to take a look at the state of the tides, in order to give yourself that relaxing swim in the natural pools.

2. Sohoton

To access the Sohoton area you will have to take a paradisiacal boat trip, which lasts about 3 hours. In Siargao you will find different tourist agencies where you can book this getaway.

Sohoton is a very steep rock formation typical of Southeast Asia. The landscape of this place is similar to what we can see in El Nido. The rock formations offer us a unique picture. You can enter the area by kayak or with a local boat. You will find lakes and all kinds of ideal corners.

From Philippines Tourism we recommend that you hire a guide to show you every corner of Sohoton. This way you will have access and information about the secret caves and the hidden lagoons. Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of this area is swimming in Lake Sohoton. Here you can immerse yourself in water plagued by harmless jellyfish. The experience is shocking.

If your trip to the Philippines allows it, in Sohoton you have several accommodation options. In the area there are several tourist resorts for all tastes.

3. Islands near Siargao

Around Siargao Island you can visit countless small islands. From General Luna leave the famous "Island Hopping". These are fun boat trips, so you can live experiences on nearby islands. Generally, these boats leave Siargao in the morning and return in the evening.

As you will find many companies that offer these excursions, we advise you to ask several of them and value the different possibilities. These are some of the islands that are usually visited:

  • Guyam: is one of the closest islands. It is a very small island, with white sand and full of palm trees.
  • Daku Island: somewhat larger than the previous one and with exuberant tropical vegetation. If you wish, you can spend the night on this small island in the Philippines. Staying in one of their bamboo cabins is wonderful.
  • Naked Island: As its name suggests, it is a naked island. Its white sand in the middle of the ocean is the perfect option to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Siargao Island
Siargao Island

What to do in Siargao Island?

Explaining what to do in Siargao is simple. In addition to knowing the wonderful islands that surround it and tasting the most emblematic Filipino gastronomic delicacies, Siargao is going to do quality surfing.

The great attraction of the island is the practice of surfing. If you want to dance on the waves you will have to go to the Cloud 9 area. This name refers to the shape of the waves in Siargao. As a result of the speed of the waves and the relief of the bottom, the waves draw a kind of turbine or an inverted 9. Here is one of the few places in the world where you can find these types of waves on a regular basis.

Around Cloud 9 there are endless resorts and hotels, specialized in this type of surf tourism. From the hotels in Siargao you can rent surfboards or hire an instructor, who will give you some classes and basic tips before you start enjoying the waves.

If you want to rent a surfboard in Siargao you can also go to Cloud 9 and consult with the guides that are usually in the area. The price for the board rental is usually between 300 and 500 Philippine pesos, depending on the type of board you need. If you are an amateur surfer you can also hire a surf instructor for around 300 pesos.

If your goal is to spend more time on the island of Siargao surfing, at the emblematic resort "Kemit Surf Resort" they offer you vacation packages, with one-week courses.

Siargao Island
Siargao Island

Siargao Island Tourism

1. How to get to Siargao?

To get to Siargao by plane you must take into account some important aspects. Sayak airport is located a few kilometers from the municipality of El Carmen. It is a small airport, which has little infrastructure. The only company that flies to Siargao Island is Cebu Pacific. Only from Cebu you can take a direct flight to this destination. Therefore, to get here you will have to go through Cebu.

Once you have landed at the airport you will have to take a van that will take you to General Luna or Cloud 9. You can easily hire this service at the airport itself. In approximately one hour you will be in General Luna and if you go to Cloud 9 the time it will take will be an hour and a half. The price of this means of transport is usually around 300 Philippine pesos.

You can also get to Siargao by ferry. However, this means of transport usually suffers many changes and cancellations due to the constant tropical storms that form on this island. Therefore, we recommend you opt for the plane.

2. Transport in Siargao

To move around the island of Siargao, the transport options are very varied. As in other places in the Philippines, you can use the rental of motorcycles or vehicles with drivers. In your hotel you have the option of contracting all kinds of services to get to know the island safely.

3. Hotels in Singapore

The offer of hotels in Siargao is quite wide. On the island you will find accommodation for all tastes. From Philippines Tourism we recommend these three options:

  • Ocean 101 Beach resort: a great resort located in the Cloud 9 area. It has that backpacker atmosphere so characteristic of the world of surfing. The simplest rooms, with shared bathroom, cost about 400 pesos per night. But, if you want to go up a level you can reserve a room in front of the beach, with its own bathroom, for about 1200 Philippine pesos. In the hotel restaurant you can taste an impressive variety of Filipino food.
  • Bravo Beach Resort: another hotel resort located in Cloud 9. This hotel has a very careful and detailed aesthetic. It offers two types of accommodation: individual or group. They are cozy cabins. Group room is 900 Philippine pesos per night and single room is 3000 Philippine pesos. All rooms have wifi and air conditioning.
  • Kemit Surf Resort: The perfect hotel for those traveling to Siargao Island with the intention of surfing. Located in General Luna, it is a hotel complex with a wide variety of rooms. The double room with fan costs 900 pesos and those with air conditioning 1800 pesos. Here you can hire courses with a surf instructor.

4. Weather in Siargao

Siargao's weather is one of the most important things you need to know. Despite being an island with a fairly constant and warm temperature, tropical storms are its main characteristic. Due to the geographical location of the island, it is very common for torrential rains to pass through here, however, they are usually short-lived, leaving an ideal climate for surfing, especially.

Siargao Island Map