Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia (with Map & Photos)

Cameron Highlands Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is home to several small mountain towns and tea plantations. Cameron Highlands is recommended by all travel guides and blogs. What's so interesting there? As always, we will soberly tell you about the promoted resort Cameron Highlands. 

How to get to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands can be reached by car or bus from Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Travel time is 4-5 hours. Be sure to take a motion sickness pill. Buses leave from TBS Kuala Lumpur Bus Station and drop off at Tanah Rata Center.

Cameron Highlands Resort Review

  • Cameron Highlands is located 200 km from Kuala Lumpur.

  • The road takes about 3-5 hours, half of the way is endless serpentine.

  • The Cameron Highlands are from 1400 to 2000 m above sea level.

  • It is cool here during the day and cold in the evening. We need warm clothes. At least pants, socks, sweatshirt, sneakers. There is no heating in the hotels.

  • There is no air conditioning in hotels and it is not needed here.

  • Things do not dry after washing at all, take a supply of laundry with you.

  • Cameron Highlands is not just one city, but a mountainous region of small villages and collective farms farms.

Cameron Highlands Malaysia 1
Cameron Highlands Malaysia

  • In Cameron Highlands, there are only Indians everywhere. Malays are only tourists and are rarely seen. Here you feel like in Sri Lanka, not in Malaysia. This feature of the mountain resort only pushed us away. Everyone wanted to quickly leave for the familiar Malaysia to the Malaysians. Too much India in Cameron Highlands, overkill.

  • The prices in KH are not overpriced.

  • Tourists stop in the towns of Tanah Rata and Brichang. We recommend Tanakh Rata.  Hotels in Tanah Rata.

  • At Cameron Highlands, set aside one, maximum two days if traveling by car. Without your own transport, it may take more days to visit the main excursions.

What to see in Cameron Highlands

The main attractions of Cameron Highlands, which you can see on your own or with a guided tour:

  • Tea plantations. See tea plantations and scenic views for free on the way to Cameron. Also on the way to Mossy forest there are places where you can wander among the tea bushes.

  • A cafe with views of the plantations and mountains. It is worth having a cup of tea with cheesecake in one of two cafes 4 km from Tanah Rata. We visited both. The prices are the same - tea 5 ringit, cheesecake 10 ringit. Cafe 1 and cafe 2 on the map.

  • BOH tea factory and observation deck. Recommended to visit this place / It is interesting to see the factory where the machines of the 1920s are running and to feel new smells that I have never smelled in my life. A bonus is the observation deck on the hill behind the factory, which is definitely worth climbing, the views are gorgeous.

Cameron Highlands Malaysia 2
Cameron Highlands Malaysia

  • Mossy forest and observation deck. Mozi Forest is a mountain where you can see the mossy trees. The mossy forest did not leave any special impressions after itself, but I really liked the lookout. The passage along the bridges leads to the observation platform at an altitude of 2000 meters. A bonus will be a scenic road to Mossy forest through plantations, in some places you can go out and wander among the tea bushes. The road is very narrow, in one lane, be careful.

  • Lata Iskandar and Robinson falls. They write on the Internet that they are not worth attention, but in fact the places are interesting. In any case, more than many waterfalls that we have seen in Thailand. The first waterfall "Lata Iskandar" will be on the road to Cameron from KL. If you are by car, make a stop there ( location on the map ). If you are traveling by bus, there will be no stop. Go on foot to Robinson Falls - the point on the map to start the route. It is 1 km from the center of Tanah Rata. Full-flowing waterfall even in the summer season. I can imagine how powerful it is in the rainy season.

  • Rafflesia. You can see the largest flower in the world as part of the tour. We recently saw rafflesia in Borneo and did not go to see the flower for the second time.

Cameron Highlands Malaysia 3
Cameron Highlands Malaysia

  • Hiking in the woods. There are dozens of forest trekking in the vicinity. Install the MAPS.ME application on your phone, all the trails are marked there. We hiked a small but difficult trek from Robinson Falls to the viewpoint (not recommended). Climbing the mountain along the roots of trees. They were squeezed like a lemon, but as a reward they did not even get a pretty look. Takeaway: Unpopular viewpoints are mostly uninteresting.

  • Cactus/ strawberry/ cabbage farm and more. Perhaps it will seem interesting to someone who has never been in the village or at their dacha in the garden. The rest should not waste time on the beds and greenhouses.

  • Butterfly garden. If you've never been to butterfly gardens, stop by for some fun. We have been to the butterfly park in Kuala Lumpur before, which is great, but I didn't want to go the second time.

Cameron Highlands Map