Mount Lycabettus, Athens, Greece (with Map & Photos)

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

Mount Lycabettus
is a chalk lime hill located in Athens at an altitude of 277 meters above sea level. This mountain is the highest point in the area of ​​the city. The following objects are located here: Lycabettus Theater, St. George's Chapel , which was built in the 19th century, a restaurant. Below is a pineapple grove. 

Mount Lycabettus is one of the most popular tourist destinations. To get there, you need to get to Kolonaki station, and then take the funicular. Several legends are associated with this place. According to them, the packs of wolves hid on the mountain, hence the name, which means "one (hill) among the pack of wolves."

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece 1
Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

It is interesting According to mythology, from this hill the goddess Athena dropped a drop of water from the mountain, which was intended for the construction of the Acropolis.

There is a legend according to which Mount Lycabettus ended up in Athens (Greece). The goddess Athena wanted her sanctuary, located on the Acropolis , to be as close to the sky as possible. One day, during a strong night thunderstorm, she went to Mount Pendelikon. Athena tore a large rock away from it in order to place it higher than the Acropolis. But upon returning home, two black birds told her bad news that required her intervention. The angry goddess left the rock. She forgot about it, and the rock (278 m / 847 ft) remained where it was. 

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece 2
Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

Locals still thank the goddess when they are on her. And this happens often, since the mountain is located in the center of a modern city. You can verify this if you visit Mount Lycabettus in Athens, Greece. 

This is interesting In the days of the gods, there was a dense forest on the hill, and at its top was the sanctuary of Zeus. But when the city was liberated from the Turks, the mountain was empty, and there was no old forest on it. To bring it back, from 1880 to 1915 the flora of the mountain was restored. 

If you visit this place, then you will see the entire majestic Acropolis and beautiful panoramas that extend to the sea. If you are a romantic then Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece is a great place to visit. This hill is dotted with pines, cypresses, benches, small paths. 

How to get there? 

You can get to Mount Lycabettus by the only road. But if you are interested in the flora and fauna of this place, then you can always walk along the numerous narrow paths. And if you get tired, you can use the funicular. 

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece 3
Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

You can climb Mount Lycabettus by funicular, which is located at Aristippou, Travel time is less than 5 minutes.

The funicular passes through the mountain in closed booths, during the movement one can observe how advertisements are projected on the dark walls of the tunnel, apparently so that tourists are not bored.

There are two ways to get to the top of Mount Lycabettus on your own - along the path and along the stairs. 

An easy option is to follow a path that is not as steep as a staircase and runs through pine and cypress forests that protect from the scorching sun. On the way, you can catch your breath on specially installed benches. This path starts from the Ambelokipi metro station. Travel time is 30 minutes, the length of the route is about 2 km.

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece 4
Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

The serpentine staircase can be reached by walking a little from one of the Panepistimo, Evangelismos or Syntagma metro stations. Travel time is 30 minutes, the length of the route is about 2 km.

The serpentine staircase is the choice of people who are not looking for easy ways, since they have to walk along a slippery road, near a steep cliff, you can accidentally stumble upon cacti abundantly growing along the road, and all this under the merciless sun. Seemingly harmless, thin and soft spines of cacti can bring their share of extreme to the traveler, as a needle that has imperceptibly dug into the body can only make itself felt after half an hour. 

Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece 5
Mount Lycabettus Athens Greece

  • Mount Lycabettus coordinates: 37.982740, 23.745912

Mount Lycabettus Map