Bürresheim Castle, St. Johann, Germany (with Map & Photos)

Burresheim Castle

To the northwest of the town of Mayen, about 4 km, on a mountain overlooking the river Nette, stands the ancient Bürresheim Castle. History spared him - he was never stormed by enemies, robbed, and burned. The wars that the castle had to endure took place only in the courts. Founded in the XII century, the castle originally belonged to two owners - Messrs.

burresheim castle Inside
Bürresheim Castle

 Castle. In 1189, Eberhard's son Philip sold his part of the castle to the archbishop of Cologne, and at the end of the 13th century, the second part of the castle was bought by the archbishop of Trier... Since then, the castle has been divided into Cologne and Trier castles. Both castles were built and completed in different ways, all sorts of styles were mixed in the appearance of the building, but, surprisingly, this whole multi-tower structure looks like one whole, and all the variety of styles only complements the overall picture.

Burresheim Castle 4
Bürresheim Castle

Both parts of the castle passed from hand to hand until in 1659 they fell into the hands of the Breidbach family, which since then took the name Breidbach-Bürresheim. After 1700, the castle did not change its appearance, and in 1938 the last private owners, who could not maintain the castle, transferred it to the state.

Burresheim Castle 5
Bürresheim Castle

The central tower of the 12th century, built on the border of the two parts of the castle, has survived to this day, and both castles developed around it, separated by a moat and each having its own fortified walls and its own gate with a drawbridge.

Burresheim Castle 6
Bürresheim Castle

After the unification of the Bürresheim Castle, the Cologne part was used only for economic purposes, gradually decayed and turned into ruins. The Trier part is much better preserved, it is built up with residential half-timbered houses of the 17th century, which give an amazing look to the courtyard of the Bürresheim Castle. Having examined these houses, one can be convinced that even wealthy gentlemen in those days lived quite simply.

Burresheim Inside
Bürresheim Castle

Now it is a museum and you can see the castle decoration, paintings, and furniture collected over many generations, a sample of the Rhine noble culture that has survived to this day.

Separate episodes of the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" were filmed in the Bürresheim Castle.

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