Jal Mahal Water Palace, India (with Map & Photos)

Jal Mahal Water Palace

Jal Mahal
is called the Water Palace. This is because it is located in the middle of a beautiful lake in a mountain valley and seems to hang in the air, not touching the surface of the water at all.

Jal Mahal Water Palace - However, it is not. We can't see it - but as many as four floors of this unusual building are submerged in water. What we can observe is only the upper part of this kind of "iceberg".

Jal Mahal Water Palace 1
Jal Mahal Water Palace

Europeans are attracted by the picturesque nature of this place, but for the indigenous people of India, Jal Mahal Water Palace is a story about justice and the king's care for his subjects.

The fact is that the Jal Mahal Water Palace is only part of a large palace complex, and it did not always stand on the water. Lake Man Sagar - appeared much later and it is of artificial origin. And it was like this:

Jal Mahal Water Palace 2
Jal Mahal Water Palace

The Jal Mahal Water Palace complex was built by the youngest son of the maharaja Jai ​​Singh II, the ruler of the state of Jaipur Sawai Madho Singh I (1750 - 1768).

Jal Mahal Water Palace night
Jal Mahal Water Palace

Sawai Madho Singh I left a memory of himself for centuries by being a skillful and competent politician, built several palaces and a city, was engaged in education and promoted Indian architects, artists, athletes, poets. He himself composed several poetic and philosophical works. His reign is marked by long-term peace and prosperity.


The palace complex in the heart of a valley surrounded by low picturesque mountains was built as a summer residence of the Maharaja. Here he indulged in hunting and arts. Perhaps my association is a little strained, but Jal Mahal Water Palace reminded me of the history of the Sanssouci palace in Potsdam , when the Prussian king Frederick the Great built himself a small palace and park , calling them "Without worries."

Jal Mahal Water Palace 3
Jal Mahal Water Palace

Jal Mahal Water Palace was popular with the ruler's family and his guests.

But soon the country was overtaken by a disaster - drought and famine began. To help his suffering people, the ruler built a dam that blocked off the valley, in the center of which was the palace.

Jal Mahal Water Palace 4
Jal Mahal Water Palace

Earlier, heavy rainfall left the valley, leaving the inhabitants without water, but thanks to the dam, a lake was formed, from which the inhabitants of the valley took water to irrigate their fields.

The inhabitants were saved at the cost of the palace, part of which was under the thickness of the artificial lake Mann Sagar.

It is interesting that even after the flooding, many rulers of India rested here.

Jal Mahal Water Palace 5
Jal Mahal Water Palace

The lake attracted a huge number of birds. Duck hunting became the favorite pastime of vacationers. A lot of birds live here now, but hunting for them is prohibited.

Jal Mahal Water Palace 6
Jal Mahal Water Palace

For a long time nobody looked after the building. The lake and the building were covered with a thick layer of mud. But not so long ago, restoration was carried out. Now the palace again strikes with its beauty, and the lake has clear water.

Palace today

Jal Mahal Water Palace is a five-story building, four floors of which are on the water.

The palace is a typical southern building, with four walls bordering a courtyard and turrets at the corners of the building.

Jal Mahal Water Palace 7
Jal Mahal Water Palace

In the dry season, the entire building can be seen, but it is not as beautiful as during the rest of the year.

You can appreciate all this beauty only from afar. Tourists are not allowed to enter the palace on the water.

There is an observation deck opposite the palace.

Jal Mahal Water Palace 8
Jal Mahal Water Palace

Both in the daytime and at night, when the lights are on brightly on the upper floor of the palace, the floating palace attracts a lot of tourists, each of whom wants to take their own unique photograph.

Inside the Jal Mahal Water Palace

Despite the fact that the path to the maharaj house is closed for tourists, we found photographs of how the palace looks from the inside.

Jal Mahal Water Palace inside
Jal Mahal Water Palace Inside

We don't know who is here. We do not even know who took these photos, but you must admit, it is beautiful and mysterious... An abandoned palace, always ready to meet its owner.

Jal Mahal Water Palace Map