5 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

It's important to note that crime rates can vary and change over time, and labeling a city as "dangerous" may not capture the full picture of a community. However, I can provide information on some cities in Montana that have had higher reported crime rates in the past. Keep in mind that this information might not reflect the current situation, and it's always a good idea to check the latest crime statistics and reports for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana
5 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Additionally, the overall crime rates in Montana are relatively lower compared to many other states in the U.S.

  1. Missoula: Missoula is one of the larger cities in Montana and has had higher crime rates compared to some other areas in the state. Property crime rates, in particular, have been a concern.
  2. Billings: Being the largest city in Montana, Billings has experienced higher crime rates in the past, including property crimes and some violent crimes. However, it's essential to note that Billings is a significant economic and cultural hub in the state.
  3. Great Falls: Great Falls has faced challenges with crime, particularly property crimes. Like other cities, efforts are ongoing to address these issues and improve community safety.
  4. Helena: While Helena is the state capital, it has not been immune to crime issues. Property crimes, in particular, have been reported as higher than the state average.
  5. Butte: Butte has a history rooted in mining, and while it has unique characteristics, it has faced challenges related to crime, including property crimes.

It's crucial to consider that each city has its own set of circumstances, and crime rates can be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, demographics, and law enforcement efforts. To get the most accurate and current information, it's recommended to check with local law enforcement agencies or official crime reporting sources.