5 Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri

It's important to note that crime rates can change over time, and the perception of danger in a city may not accurately reflect the experiences of all residents. Additionally, the designation of a city as "dangerous" can be subjective and influenced by various factors.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri
5 Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri

However, based on historical crime data, some cities in Missouri have faced higher crime rates than others.
  1. St. Louis: St. Louis has frequently been mentioned in discussions about crime rates in Missouri. Certain neighborhoods within the city have faced challenges related to violent crime.
  2. Kansas City: Similar to St. Louis, Kansas City has areas with higher crime rates, particularly related to violent crimes. The overall crime rate in Kansas City has been a concern for some time.
  3. Springfield: While not as large as St. Louis or Kansas City, Springfield has experienced issues with property crime and certain types of violent crime.
  4. Independence: Independence, a suburb of Kansas City, has had higher crime rates compared to other suburban areas in the state.
  5. Columbia: Columbia is home to the University of Missouri and has experienced higher-than-average crime rates, particularly property crimes and certain types of violent crimes.

It's crucial to remember that cities can have both safe and less safe areas, and crime rates can vary widely within a city. Additionally, efforts are often underway in these communities to address and reduce crime. For the most current and accurate information, it's recommended to check with local law enforcement agencies or official crime databases.