Lake Whitney, Hill County, Texas (with Map & Photos)

Lake Whitney is known as the car killer. For several years now, cars of various brands have spontaneously rolled down there, which, by all indications and according to logic, could not move out in any way, since they were on the handbrake. The police found several dozen cars at the bottom of the ill-fated lake, but, remarkably, not a single corpse.

Lake Whitney Location
Lake Whitney Location

Why the lake "attracts" cars remains a mystery. Local residents claim that an evil spirit that hates automobiles lives in the lake, and ufologists associate all incidents with UFO tricks. The lake is located north of the town of Waco (Texas).

Ufologists associate all incidents on Lake Whitney with a landing on its shores in 1974-1975. two UFOs that left behind scorched areas.

Location: Bosque / Hill counties, Texas,
United States.

Lake Whitney Map