The Beautiful Vernal Fall in California (with Map & Photos)

Vernal Fall is a large waterfall located in Yosemite National Park. The Trail of the Mist, also called the Giant Stairs, is one of the most popular challenging trails in Yosemite, and this trail takes you to both Vernal Falls and Snowy Falls.

Vernal Fall California
Vernal Fall California

On the Sendero de la Niebla, you climb right next to the falls, enjoying stunning views and a good splash in the spray in spring and early summer. Although walking the entire Sendero de la Niebla is challenging, most visitors can walk the initial 0.8 kilometers to a walkway for a beautiful view of the Vernal Falls.

From the walkway, go as high as you want and then back, or continue to the top of the falls to see the Emerald Pool and Silver Apron, then continue to Nevada Fall.

Vernal Fall Map