Catalina Island, Dominican Republic (with Map & Photos)

The tiny Catalina Island, with an area of ​​​​only 10 square kilometers. Which is part of the Dominican Republic and is famous for its azure beaches.

Catalina Island
Catalina Island

Undiscovered Catalina

The island is located in the Caribbean, like the famous Saona, but much less advertised. Therefore, there are many times fewer tourists here.

The water is a beautiful blue color, sometimes from delicate light shades to bright azure colors. It all depends on the time of year, currents and refraction of light.

Catalina Island
Catalina Island

It is believed that it is off the coast of Catalina that the most interesting and vibrant snorkeling and diving in the Dominican Republic. After all, it is here that the water is incredibly clear, the visibility in which reaches 30 meters!

The island is considered uninhabited, however, it is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay for tourists.

There are restrooms, cafes, sun loungers and hammocks on palm trees. The vegetation of the island creates a natural shadow. So these benefits of civilization do not spoil the external natural panorama.

A feature of the coast is a lot of palm trees inclined to the water, even on the famous Saona there is no such abundance of beautiful places for photos.

Catalina Island
Catalina Island

What to expect from Catalina

It is said that a colony of raccoons lives on the island, but it is difficult to judge whether this is so. Because almost no one met them live. However, even without this “bonus”, this attraction of the Dominican Republic is definitely worth a visit.

Catalina is an island of coral origin, so in addition to sandbanks, there will also be hard deposits. There is no special need for corrals, but still, if you have slippers for swimming, they will not be superfluous.

From the hotels of Bavaro, Punta Cana, Uveroalto, go to the port, from where the departure to the island takes place - about 50-60 minutes. If an experienced guide accompanies you along the way, this time will fly by unnoticed.

Excursion to Catalina Island

There are not many excursions to Catalina Island. A traditional trip with an international team does not provide additional bonuses, the guide is English and Spanish speaking. The price includes transfer, rest on the island for 3-4 hours, lunch and drinks.

The best, perhaps, can be called an excursion to Catalina Island with a visit to the city of artists. This trip takes place as part of a group of about 40-50 people, for whom a large comfortable catamaran is rented.

Unlike Saona, to Catalina Island in the Caribbean, you need to go about twice as much - about 40 minutes. And if even a small wave rises, a boat for 20 people will be noticeably thrown.

Catalina Island
Catalina Island

Best trip to Catalina Island

Traveling on a catamaran is considered more comfortable. This helps to distribute the weight so that each tourist not only does not feel the powerful pitching on the water. But he also had fun.

On the way, vacationers are offered fruits. And drinks, including the famous Dominican rum-based cocktails. Animators entertain the audience, hold dance competitions and master classes in bachata and merengue.

The first stop is at the reefs. Where tour participants are provided with masks and snorkels. Snorkeling with an instructor awaits them. Team members lure tropical fish.

Entertainment during the tour

Next, vacationers land on Catalina Island, where they are treated to a nutritious soup and drinks, there is a free bar. Free time is allotted for swimming and photography, and the most daring can ride on a tablet (all this is already included in the price of the tour).

Tourists are also invited to go fishing in the Dominican style - who wants to stay on the island to swim. For those who are interested in fishing, they again board the catamaran, where a special master class is held for them.

If you managed to catch at least 1 kg of fish, they will clean it in front of you, fry it on the shore and serve it as a bonus to your dinner.

Lunch, by the way, is waiting for everyone after fishing and takes place in a buffet format. In the meantime, the guests are enjoying their vacation for them to arrange symbolic performances from the scenes of the famous Dominican carnival, which takes place annually in the country at the end of February.

A little more time for swimming and vacationers are sent to the port, from where they are taken by bus to the city of artists. At sunset, there is no crowd of vacationers and you can have a quiet excursion. The described departure is accompanied by a Russian or Russian-speaking guide.

Catalina Island Map