The Stunning Palm Beach, Florida (with Map & Photos)

Surely the name of this Florida county also sounds familiar to you, famous for being a traditional stronghold of Yankee millionaire families like the Kennedys or the Trumps. With this letter of introduction, you will imagine that in this place there is no shortage of luxurious complexes and exquisite services such as haute cuisine restaurants or the most exclusive boutiques.

Palm Beach
Palm Beach

In its 75 kilometers of coastline there are a multitude of different beaches where you practice snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and other water sports. The best beach that we can find in Palm Beach is Spanish River Park, located on the coast of the city known by the curious name of Boca Raton.

Exotic palm trees and postcard landscapes make it one of the best beaches in the United States, very frequented by people looking for tranquility, relaxation and a good place to sunbathe while listening to the soft sound of seawater.

Palm Beach Map