Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa (with Map & Photos)

Tsitsikamma National Park is a nature reserve located on a mountain plateau and washed on both sides by the Bluekrans and First Rivers. The successful location of the reserve between the mountains and the ocean delights tourists!

Tsitsikamma National Park
Tsitsikamma National Park

Despite the developing tourist infrastructure, Tsitsikamma still preserves the virginity of nature: the South African authorities have organized resort areas in such a way that tourists do not interfere with the natural existence of local animals and plants.

Tsitsikamma National Park
Tsitsikamma National Park

Should know

The Tsitsikamma Mountains are a wilderness, there are no tourist routes or communications here. You can get to the nature reserve by car along a small road. Along the road you will meet small towns that have preserved the appearance of the 50s of the twentieth century.

When to visit?

You can visit Tsitsikamma National Park at any time: the even climate retains heat throughout the year.

How to get there?

Do you want to get to Tsitsikamma? Get in your car and drive along the small highway number 62, which runs along the edge of the Formosa Reserve.

Tsitsikamma National Park
Tsitsikamma National Park

Don't miss it!

  • The most remote part of the Tsitsikamma National Park is the Formosa Reserve. A huge number of birds live here, which live in the mountainous African forests, gorges and on the banks of rivers. Familiar birds can also be found in Formosa, such as parrots, kingfishers and woodpeckers. And if you climb the highest peak of the mountain - its height reaches 1675 meters - you can enjoy a wonderful view of the dense coastal forests and the Nature Valley.
  • Be sure to visit the archaeological excavations in the mountains. Here were found the sites of the ancient Khoi tribes, who left rock paintings with the history of their ancestors.
  • The Garden Road is famous all over the world for its trees and various animals. As many as 80 kilometers of real nature! Huge relic forests were once destroyed. The remaining relict trees grow only on the territory of Tsitsikamma.
  • Near lakes and rivers you can meet elephants, leopards, and even small mammals and butterflies can be seen here at every step!
  • For those who appreciate extreme sports, Tsitsikamma National Park is the perfect place. The park has all the conditions for mountain biking, diving, bungee jumping (the Bluecrans bridge is the highest point for such jumps in the world). Rope ladders and bridges drawn through the crowns of trees deserve special attention.
  • The small resort of Wilderness is perfect for a family holiday. It is located at the very beginning of the "Road of Gardens" and is a favorite place for lovers of water procedures. To explore the "Road of the Gardens", it is recommended to rent a car.

Tsitsikamma National Park Map