Charlottesville, VA 2024: Best Places to Visit

Consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in America, the charming college town of Charlottesville is just as picturesque to visit as a tourist. Known for its plethora of interesting historical monuments, it acts as an important cultural center for the region. It is also home to the prestigious University of Virginia and its beautiful campus.

Charlottesville Virginia
Charlottesville Virginia

In addition to beautiful buildings and amazing architecture, the small town has the historic homes of two US presidents that you can visit. While the former residence of James Monroe is quite modest, Thomas Jefferson's stately plantation, Monticello, has gorgeous grounds and gardens to stroll through.

It was also the latter who founded the University of Virginia and designed many of its great Greek and Roman buildings. The remarkable Rotunda of it is one of the most prominent places in the city. Thanks to its sizeable student population, Charlottesville has a lively, youthful, and cultured feel. Its picturesque rural setting is also dotted with wonderful wineries.

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