Babcock Ranch: Solar City of the Future (with Map & Photos)

Babcock Ranch: Solar City of the Future - With the efforts of just one person, a real city of the future is gradually emerging in Florita, the main source of energy for which is a huge network of solar panels.

Babcock Ranch Florida
Babcock Ranch Florida

Just south of Orlando, about half an hour northeast of Fort Myers, is an amazing place that could become a full-fledged city in the near future. Babcock Ranch is located on 18,000 acres and in the next 20-25 years, 19,500 houses for 50,000 residents will be built on its territory.

The construction of the city is always presented as a large-scale multimillion-dollar project, for the implementation of which thousands of people are needed. However, the Babcock Ranch is the work of a single man, Sid Kitson. Initially, these lands were used by the "wooden baron" and the mayor of Pittsburgh, Edward Babcock, for logging and agriculture, and the territory itself became known as the Babcock Nature Reserve. In 2006, Kitson bought this land from his heirs and began to implement his grandiose project on it.

What is Babcock Ranch? According to official information, it will be a city at the intersection of advanced technologies (with an emphasis on green energy) and an innovative economy. Already, the entire settlement lives on solar energy, which is produced using 343,000 panels. Solar power is available to the public, and there are now many reasons to store it and use it when the sun stops shining - but the ranch can't afford them just yet. Therefore, at night and in cloudy weather, the city also uses the traditional power grid.

Babcock Ranch Map