The Beautiful Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

When we think of Hawaii, many of us will directly think of Waikiki beach. It is a very popular and well-known beach, and it may sound like something from a movie or documentary. Basically, it is a beach of about 3 kilometers long where we can find along the coast, a good number of hotels and tourist resources, and also, the wonderful Kapiolani park.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is normally quite crowded, but it is a good area for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or canoeing. There are areas to picnic and spend the day, as well as recreation areas where we can have a good time.

This popular beach was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty. It was introduced to the world when its first hotel – the Moana Surfrider Hotel – was built on the coast in 1901. Today it is a highly visited place, not only to enjoy its beach, but also to go shopping, eat and dine and have fun. both day and night.

In any case, the beach and the industry set up around it continue to be the center of tourism that comes from everywhere. For this reason, we can find most hotels almost on the edge of Waikiki beach.

Waikiki Beach is also known for its magnificent views of the dormant Diamond Head volcano. The temperature is normally warm and cloud-free throughout the year. A good part of the beach is reserved for surfers, making it popular with this community throughout the world.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach

The water is shallow until well into the ocean, although there may be rocks on the bottom, so we must be careful where we step.

We should not miss the opportunity to visit the Kapiolani park, which has been mentioned before. It was created in 1976 when the land was rented by King Kalakaua for one dollar a year.

It is a free admission park and all available services are available to visitors without any fees. Apart from the zoo, the park includes tennis courts, soccer fields. Many people come to run and play sports, traversing the 3-kilometer circumference of the park.

Waikiki Beach Map