Touching the Falls at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds is one of the main tourist attractions in the US part of Niagara. Using an elevator we can go down to the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy views and an unparalleled experience, feeling, without danger, the full force of Niagara Falls. That yes, the soaking is guaranteed, but fortunately they provide us with all kinds of things to prevent us from getting our clothes wet.

Cave of the Winds
Cave of the Winds

Entering Cave of the Winds

After buying tickets at the box office and waiting for our time to access, everything is very well prepared to avoid large crowds, they allow us to enter a large room in which they tell us the history of Niagara and how it was transformed from an industrial area, with some of the first electrical generators, to the national park that it is now.

At the end of the video, they give us a bag to store our shoes, which we tie to our belt so they don't get wet, and some flip-flops to move around Cave of the Winds, which I definitely recommend you use if you don't want to spend all the rest of the day with feet soaked.

Cave of the Winds
Cave of the Winds

Going down in the elevator

Once we have on our flip-flops, which we can take with us as a souvenir if we want, we are ready to go to the queue to go down by elevator. After waiting for a while, we got on the elevator and when we reached the bottom through a tunnel we went out to the area of ​​the American waterfall, obtaining beautiful views of the Canadian area of ​​Niagara.

Our experience in Cave of the Winds

Here they give us the raincoat of our size, which we can also keep if we want as a souvenir, and the action begins.

Through some walkways we gradually approach the falls, to a point where it is impossible not to get wet, luckily with the raincoat and the shoe bag we keep our clothes dry. I advise you to put a cap under the hood of the raincoat, so you can see better and enjoy more of the whole passage of the waterfall area.

Cave of the Winds
Cave of the Winds

Climbing the stairs from the lower area to the upper area of ​​Cave of the Winds is already a challenge, and for the bravest, at the top of the attraction we find the Tornado Zone, a place where the jet of the waterfall almost hits you directly and it is really difficult to stay there for a while, but you can avoid it if you want because the path goes to the right and this area is a walkway that goes to the left.

At the end of this walk, which will take you 10 to 15 minutes and in which it will be very difficult for you to take photos, because your mobile phone stalls and the camera lens fills with droplets from the waterfall very quickly, all that remains is for us to take off the raincoat, take the elevator and tie our shoes so we can continue enjoying our day in Niagara.

Without a doubt, for me it is one of the most recommended attractions of all those in Niagara.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park Map