The Beautiful Island of Sanibel in Florida

The beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida, attract visitors from all over the world, in part because of the large amounts of shells that wash up on its beaches. One of the reasons for these accumulations of shells is the fact that Sanibel is a barrier island that has an east-west orientation, when most of the islands in the area have a north-south orientation.

Sanibel Island Florida
Sanibel Island Florida

For this reason, the island has wonderful sandy beaches and an abundance of all kinds of shells. It is also because Sanibel is part of a large plateau that stretches many miles into the Gulf of Mexico. This plateau is the one that acts as a reef to collect the shells.

As has been said, there are many types of shells on this island, and people who are lucky enough to find certain types, usually appear in a photo in the local newspaper. This is the case of the so-called junonia, since it is very difficult to find and is highly appreciated. The shells are bought in different stores that are everywhere and dedicated to this.

Sanibel Island Florida
Sanibel Island Florida

The rarest and most precious can be seen on display in the local museum and in some of the area's cafes. The truth is that all year round there are visitors who come to spend a good holiday and collect these shells. It's funny to see so many people crouching on the beaches, and in fact the crouching posture has been given a term on the island, which is the "Sanibel lean."

There are good beaches almost everywhere on the island. Regardless of where you are on the island, there will be a nice beach where you can spend the day or take a dip. However, parking on the beaches is very limited in Sanibel, and in high season parking is almost non-existent.

Some beaches are so natural that there are no hotels or structures for miles around, so if you're going on an adventure looking for beaches, it's best to bring food, drink, and even a tent. One of the most secluded beaches on Sanibel is Bowman's Beach. It is a beach with crystal clear waters and a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The climate on Sanibel Island is almost tropical and humid, with temperatures ranging from 16 degrees Celsius in winter to an average of 33 in summer. The months of January to April (time of greatest influx of visitors to the island) are where we have the ideal temperature, which is about 25 degrees during the day and a drop to 15 degrees at night. In these months there are also some occasional rains.

It is in June when there is more rain. It must also be said that the island is prone to receiving the occasional hurricane depending on the season, although we can know this in advance in case we plan to travel to this place.

Sanibel Island Florida
Sanibel Island Florida

The truth is that Sanibel Island is a very good choice for a perfect vacation, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway to the island or a vacation with the whole family to a paradisiacal place. It is not surprising that it is considered as an ideal place for an ideal vacation, even above other places of great popularity and renown.

Not only do we have the incredible beaches that are barely touched by human beings, but also various types of fish and birds, more than twenty routes to explore the island by bicycle, not a single traffic light and of course the shells.

Even being an island where nature prevails over everything else, there are several places to stay that are perfect. Many hotels, tourism resources and tour companies provide us with a good number of vacation packages and plans to have the best time possible.

In the accommodation areas, there are many shops and stores to shop and take souvenirs from the island. There is also a good selection of restaurants including Italian, French and of course American food.

There are some good places where you can watch the sunset on the beach while having a drink and listening to some music. In other words, a vacation that will not be forgotten.

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