The Curious Ocean City Beach in Maryland

Ocean City, located in Maryland, has long been known as the premier family resort on the East Coast, for its many activities and events that concern every member of the family and also because it offers accommodations of all types and budgets. In summer, we have a 7-kilometer beach right in front of the Atlantic Ocean, where we can swim, surf, kite-fly, sandcastle, jog, and many other activities typical of the best beaches.

Ocean City Beach
Ocean City Beach

The weather in Ocean City is mild and pleasant, which combines magnificently with its brilliant white sand beach, inviting you to spend hours and hours lying down listening to the waves breaking on the shore.

One of the favorite activities of all the people who visit this beach in Maryland, especially as a family, is to catch crabs. It is one of the most popular tasks and there are even very detailed guides to learn how to catch crabs correctly.

It's actually quite simple and requires no experience, and the equipment needed is minimal. The best place to do this is in the bay known as Assawoman.

The Ocean City beach is very safe, where there are even constant patrols available that are watching the entire length of the beach. You can also find changing rooms, showers and toilets along the coast, making your stay very comfortable.

Ocean City Beach
Ocean City Beach

Where do I stay and where do I eat?

Ocean City is, among other things, one of the nerve centers of the East Coast for eating and nightlife. The many restaurants serve everything from local seafood specialties, to pizzas to French, Italian, Greek, Mexican and other nationalities to choose from. After dinner we have a wide selection of venues and pubs for a drink, live music, talk or dance.

Like restaurants, hotels abound along the beach and prices vary in such a way that we will find hotels and accommodation for all pockets and possibilities.

Ocean City Beach Map