Saipan Island, Northern Mariana Islands (with Map & Photos)

Do you think you know the United States? If so, tell us where the island of Saipan is. If you don't know the answer, don't worry too much, because it's a place that not many people know. It is part of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, and is 9,500 kilometers from the American country.

Saipan Island
Saipan Island

What if we told you that the Saipan Island is one of those paradises that many people have not discovered and that you can enjoy? To give you an idea, it is a kind of Hawaii 2.0, but with several unique things that can only be done on this island.

The island of Saipan was not well known until World War II. He had an important role in this war for the Americans and the allies. The Battle of Saipan was one of the most famous in the Pacific. The Americans occupied the island and that was decisive in the war against the Japanese. The island of Saipan was used as a base for B-29 aircraft to attack Japanese targets. The island remained American until today.

However, the island of Saipan has belonged to various nations. The first country to occupy the island was Spain, it was Spanish from 1565 to 1899. Spain lost it in the war in Cuba, but the Germans took it. In World War II Japan took control of the island until the Americans expelled them.

Why visit the island of Saipan? We give you some reasons that will surely be interesting for you.

1 – It is a paradise island

Saipan Island
Saipan Island

When it comes to paradise islands, Saipan is a clear example of what one of these paradises has to be. It has everything you are looking for in this type of island, where we have long white sand beaches, countless hiking trails, parts of the jungle and breathtaking views of the ocean. All the ingredients of other very famous paradisiacal islands are there, but with the advantage that it is not as well known.

One of the great advantages of Saipan is the space that it has at any time of the year. Not being as famous as Hawaii and others like it, it just goes unnoticed. This is a great advantage for those fleeing the crowds and regular tourists.

On the island of Saipan all the beaches are usually almost empty, which makes them exclusive for visitors. Basically it is as if they were private beaches for those who come to Saipan, only everyone can go. Also note that the Northern Mariana Islands also have the islands of Tinian and Rota. Many people also visit the other islands, so tourism is divided.

2 – Diving with military wrecks

We have already commented that Saipan was an important point in the second world war. Many ships, submarines and planes ended up on the seabed, and there are even remains of the war on the beaches. Many tourists visit the Sherman tanks left by the Americans on the coast, where they are barely covered with water. This gives the possibility of swimming without scuba gear and being able to see them.

This is just one of the things that can be explored in the waters. There are all sorts of gadgets in the water, although scuba gear is already required to see it. There are Japanese and American planes, merchant ships, warships, and even American jeeps that couldn't be taken home.

3 – Visit the best beaches you have ever seen

Saipan Island
Saipan Island

We have already mentioned that the island of Saipan has hiking trails and jungle, but its beaches are what most impress tourists. Saipan is a volcanic island that was formed millions of years ago from an underground volcano. That is why there are volcanic and coral formations that are impressive. The beaches are not only beautiful for their clean white sand, but for the views that surround them.

You have to know that there are more touristic beaches and others that are wilder. In the most visited you have bunk beds, umbrellas and some amenities that have been set up for visitors. In others there is absolutely nothing, so it is better to bring water and everything you need to spend the day.

4 – What services and resources does the island of Saipan have?

Saipan Island is about 25 kilometers long and eight kilometers wide. The most visited beaches where more tourists gather are in the western and southern part of the island. The northern and eastern coasts are more mountainous, although there are incredible beaches for those who want to venture to that part of Saipan. However, as has been said, services in this part of the island are almost non-existent.

The natives of Saipan are called Chamorros, and they have their own local language. However, English is spoken everywhere with no problem. Being an American island, English is compulsory in schools. In fact, English is the official language of the island.

The island of Saipan does not have cities so to speak, but rather areas that are considered neighborhoods. There are three main zones which are Garapan, Susupe and Chalan Kanoa. In these three locations there are hotels to stay in, as well as restaurants and mail services among other things. Garapan is the most touristic area of ​​the island of Saipan, so you can start with this site.

5 – How do you get to the island?

Saipan Island
Saipan Island

The island has an airport called Saipan International Airport. It is in the southern part of the island and there are direct flights from Shanghai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Seoul, Busan and Hong Kong.

Obviously, American citizens can enter the island without problems. For the rest, showing your passport is enough, and there are usually no problems entering the island. Keep in mind that there is no public transport on the island of Saipan, although the hotels have private transport that is very useful. If you are going to change zones, you can use these transports.

Once in the areas where the services are, you can get anywhere on foot. The method of going from one place to another is to take a taxi, where there is an exclusive service on the island.

There is also the possibility of renting a bicycle for short trips. For the longer ones there is a car rental business, so that is another option we have.

Saipan Map