Laguna Beach, Orange County, California (with Map & Photos)

Laguna Beach is a coastal city in southern Orange County, California, located about 40 miles southeast of downtown Santa Ana and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Los Angeles.

Laguna Beach California
Laguna Beach California


Laguna Beach was incorporated into Orange County in 1927. That same year, the city's first gay bar, South Seas, opened its doors. Later renamed Boom Boom Room, it remained open until 2007.

Laguna Beach California
Laguna Beach California


The city is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in the northwest it borders on Crystal Cove Park. 9.9% of the city's territory (2.5 km²) are open water spaces. Laguna Beach rises steeply from the coast up the hills, and its highest point is at around 307 meters above sea level. The layout of the city was built according to the Hippodamian system, in connection with which some streets have a very steep slope. Major highways SR 1 and SR 133 pass through the city. The climate is mild, the maximum recorded temperature was +42°C (in September), the minimum was -6°C (in January). Sister city of Laguna Beach - Menton ( France ). The spelling of the name ( Spanish: Laguna ) follows the rules of Spanish, not English ( English: Lagoon ).

Laguna Beach in California

Laguna Beach, as well as Main Beach, are located in the heart of the city. What is it that can attract us so much to this destination? Well, the reality is that it is a good area for beaches, the natural pools that we can explore, the strategic location between Los Angeles, Disneyland and San Diego, and finally, the large number of tourist areas with hotels that fit all pockets, from the most acceptable to the most luxurious.

Anyway, in this article we will focus on Laguna Beach in California. When you walk along the promenade bordering the beach and stop to eat or rest in the area, you can notice the atmosphere of the mixture of modern California and its European tradition.

Laguna Beach California
Laguna Beach California

The number of people who visit Laguna beach seems to contain a high percentage of Europeans if we compare it to the surrounding areas. Although there is no study on this subject, it is the general feeling that people get when they visit this beach.

It may be because of the comparison to the closest beaches, which have been given over to other activities more in line with the place where we are, such as surfing, roller skating and a more typical style.

It is a place more thought of as a family destination, although everyone can come and enjoy the beach no matter who they come with, or how they do it. Laguna Beach has twenty parks, beaches, free diving areas and nightlife so that everyone can have a good time both day and night. Depending on what we are looking for, there are areas with smaller and more private beaches if we want to be with the family and hardly be disturbed.

Unlike other beaches in the surrounding area, which are more for surfing with winds that are ideal for this practice, Laguna Beach focuses on themes more of culture, color, intimacy and relaxation for its visitors.

Some popular activities that can be done on this beach apart from the usual on a beach, is to play basketball and volleyball (we can find courts for these sports on the beach itself). There are showers and toilets in some parts of the beach, and we have places to eat, drink something refreshing and go shopping very close to the beach.

Laguna Beach Map