Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (with Map & Photos)

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is considered the most popular ski resort in the United States, and is also famous for the rare plants and animals that inhabit it. It is located northwest of the city of Boulder, where there is a major airport, and is open to the public all year round. Keep in mind, snow can be found here even in June, and rainy weather is not uncommon at these altitudes. Our visit also turned out to be quite ordinary: the rain came down from the mountains and hit the beautiful park, which is celebrating its centenary next year.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains, like other famous US national parks - Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton and Glacier. It was created more than 100 years ago, in 1915, and its territory covers an area of ​​about 10.5 thousand hectares. The park is intended to preserve the natural complexes of mountain coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, as well as high mountain tundra, located in the watershed part of the Rocky Mountain range, reaching an altitude of 4300 m above sea level.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Park Information

Rocky Mountains in Colorado

  • The total length of roads in Rocky Mountain Park is about 600 km;
  • The total length of streams and rivers in the Rocky Mountains National Park exceeds 700 km;
  • Rocky Mountain Park has 150 lakes;
  • 60 mountain peaks exceed the height of 3700 m, the most important of which is Longs Peak - 4345 m;
  • A lot of hiking trails have been laid and equipped along the territory of the national park, for every taste and for people with different physical abilities, with a total length of almost 500 km;
  • Like any other national park, Rocky Mountains has campsites for those who come for more than one day.

Rocky Mountain National Park Map