Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA (with Map & Photos)

Kennedy Space Center (Florida, USA) - expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, map and photos, official website.

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center

The main American gateway to the Universe, the Kennedy Space Center is a huge complex, once on the territory of which, you are transferred to the world of exact sciences and high technologies, dreams and romance, captivating and mysterious, exciting and incomprehensible. This is both an active spaceport at Cape Canaveral, and a cosmonaut training base, and a unique museum with a lot of exciting programs for adults and children. It makes sense to devote a whole day (or better, two) to visiting the center, because you will learn about the history of space exploration and promising NASA projects, visit the astronaut hall of fame and take a walk in the rocket park, “find yourself” in the launch well at the time of launch and feel an astronaut landing in a descent module thanks to super IMAX technology.

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center

What to watch

The Kennedy Space Center is divided into several themed zones - Mission Zones. Each of them tells about one or another stage of space exploration in chronological order. First of all, visitors enter the Heroes and Legends space. In the Astronaut Hall of Fame, you can learn about the life, fate and personal contribution of the American space explorers. A high-tech 4D space, including audiovisual and tactile sensations, allows you to literally touch the history of astronautics - from the idea of ​​​​the possibility of overcoming the earth's gravity to the first flight into unknown distances. Walking through the rocket park, you will see the historic Mercury, Gemini and Apollo rockets, as well as the legendary Mercury-Redstone 3, which delivered the first American astronaut, Alan Shepherd, into space.

From history to practice. By joining a guided bus tour of the center (included in the ticket price), you have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of rocket launches. In the spacecraft assembly building, they talk in detail about this important process and show rockets at different stages of assembly. You will also visit the historical and currently used launch pads and see the very place from where the "lunar" team of astronauts went into space.

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center

For an additional fee at the Space Center, you can visit the Mission Control Center and chat with the launch director, a man who has already said the sacramental “Start!” 37 times.

The Apollo-Saturn V Center is dedicated to the US Lunar Program. Here you will see the legendary Apollo capsule, which landed astronauts on the moon and brought them back to Earth. In the 3D cinema, you can “be present” at the launch of Apollo 8, and in the Lunar Theater you can hear the historical words “The eagle has landed...”

In the Apollo Gallery you can see not only Alan Shepherd's space suit, but also admire the real moon dust!

The space shuttle Atlantis will tell about the massive program of manned reusable spacecraft (there is also a real shuttle), and the exhibition "NASA - Today and in the Future" will stun the enormity of the projects of the American Space Agency, including a flight to Mars.

Practical information
Address: Florida, Titusville SR, 405, Kennedy Space Center. Website. The nearest city is Orlando.

Opening hours daily: March 31-September 1: from 9:00 to 19:00, September 2-December 31: from 9:00 to 18:00.

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