5 Curiosities of Brooklyn (New York)

Brooklyn is one of the most well-known districts in the world and has appeared in many Hollywood movies. Apart from having many attractions, it is full of curiosities. Although it is part of New York, Brooklyn maintains very strong identity signs that distinguish it from other districts such as Manhattan, Harlem or the Bronx. In this post we present the 5 best curiosities of Brooklyn. You can also read 35 curiosities about New York.

1. It was an independent city, one of the most surprising curiosities of Brooklyn

Brooklyn joined New York after a referendum that was decided by just 277 votes (out of a total of more than 129,000). Before the merger, Brooklyn was the fourth most populous city in the country, behind only New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Back then it was a city with a very powerful industry, with a low crime rate and a good school index. Without a doubt, one of the best curiosities of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge is the bridge that linked (and still does) both cities.

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge you can take the opportunity to visit the southern part of Manhattan.

Brooklyn New York
The Brooklyn Bridge linked both cities

2. Brooklyn's name comes from the Dutch city of Breukelen

Both cities had one aspect in common: they had a small marsh (Broek). The name is made up of this name plus the Dutch diminutive suffix -elen, so that the original meaning of Brooklyn is little marsh.

3. Brooklyn maintains a great identity

Unlike other districts, and despite being part of New York, its inhabitants show us a character and a way of life that makes us think that they could well continue to be an independent city.

For example, the local administration has placed traffic signs along the most well-known avenues in Brooklyn with expressions of their own such as : Fugheddaboudit (Forget about it: forget it), Oy vey (Oh dear: caramba) and How Sweet it is ( How sweet is this).

Perhaps the motto that best identifies Brooklyn is: home to everyone from everywhere.

Some of Brooklyn's best curiosities are closely related to its identity

4. It's full of Brooklynites

Another of the curiosities of Brooklyn that you may not have known is that the residents are known as Brooklynites. Also, they claim to have an accent that they call Brooklynese.

5. The Dodgers Were From Brooklyn, Among Brooklyn Sports-Related Curiosities

A curious fact for sports lovers. In 1955, the Dodgers won their first and only World Series in Brooklyn. They also did it against their main rival, the Yankees , who play in the Bronx. That day is one of the most remembered for the brooklynites. However, two years after that triumph, the Dodgers moved to the West Coast, more specifically to Los Angeles, where they still play.