Where to eat the best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia

Choosing the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia is not easy even for its inhabitants. It is a very common debate, but we think we have found it… Visiting Philadelphia and not eating a cheesesteak is a sin. Most tourists believe that the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia is eaten at Pat's or Geno's, the two most renowned restaurants. But we have a much better secret option!

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What is a cheesesteak?

It is a typical sandwich from the Pennsylvania region that has small strips of meat and melted cheese inside. Its history dates back to the 1930s when Pasquale Olivieri, a resident of Philadelphia, began selling these sandwiches on the street with great success.

Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Jim's delicious cheesesteak

Why is Jim's the best cheesesteak in Philly?

We were convinced that we would go to Pat's or Geno's until we asked an American we passed on the street which was the better of the two. He answered us flatly: “None of them. You must go to Jim's”. He knew perfectly well what he was talking about. The place is authentically American, small and full of smoke coming from the grill where they cook the meat. In addition, it is much more central than the other two places, just a 15-minute walk from the center on South Street, a very lively street.

Although you will probably have to queue, it will be worth it. Ask for the traditional cheesesteak with wiz cheese, you will see how they do it in front of you with incredible speed. It will probably be the best fast food you have ever eaten.

Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Jim's exterior, authentic

How much is a cheesesteak at Jim's?

The price of the traditional cheesesteak (with meat, cheese and onion) is around $8. You can always add the ingredients you want for an additional $1.

So what about Pat's and Geno's?

We ate at Jim's at noon. And at night, wondering if that American was right, we went to Pat's and Geno's to try them. There was no comparison: the sandwiches were much smaller, the meat of worse quality and also the queues were very long.

Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Geno's, a classic diner with a lot of history but doesn't have the best cheesesteak in Philly

Plus, at Jim's there's room to enjoy your sandwiches upstairs. On the other hand, at Pat's and Geno's there is no other option but to eat on the street. They are restaurants facing the tourist. They are famous because Pat's was the first restaurant to create these sandwiches and Geno's the first to add cheese to the recipe.