4 Amazing Beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica (with Map & Photos)

Nosara is a beautiful beach town on the Pacific coast, located in Guanacaste, a small province in Costa Rica. Its natural splendor, abundance of wildlife and world-class surfing make it an international holiday destination all year round.


There are four main beaches in Nosara that beckon you to relax. While it's no longer the quiet and abandoned city it once was, you can still find serene and quiet corners hidden away when you start exploring. While surfing is the main attraction, the beaches provide plenty of other options to satisfy non-surfers as well.

4 amazing beaches of Nosara are described here

  • Playa Ostional: This beach borders the small village of Ostional. It is particularly famous for its wildlife sanctuary, which was created to protect the largest nesting sites of Olive Ridley's sea turtle. Hundreds and thousands of these turtles come here every few weeks on a new moon. May to November is the peak time for nesting, but you're bound to see at least a few throughout the year. There are also small groups of giant leatherback turtles and the now endangered green turtle that sometimes make this beach their nesting spot. In addition to the turtle attraction, the beach is also suitable for surfing. However, strong currents are dangerous and you need to be careful. There is also a danger of being attacked by sharks and other predators due to the abundance of turtles.
  • Playa Nosara: This is the most secluded beach, but worth a visit. You can get to the river on foot or by car. The pleasure train is a difficult hike, but the results are positive. Here you will find local fishermen with their ancient methods of catching and catching fish. At low tide you can swim across to Playa Nosara. Here you can go canoeing on the river. The waves here are also gentle, but the best part is the variety of wild animals and birds that you will be able to see on this beach.
  • Playa Guiones: A crescent-shaped white beach stretching for nearly three miles is the beautiful Playa Guiones. There are plenty of ranchitos on the beach where you can sit and enjoy the beach while escaping the hot sun. This is the best surf spot in all of Nosara, although you can swim here. In the southern part, you can enjoy a pink sandy beach and small tidal pools ideal for snorkeling.
  • Playa Pelada: On the north side of Playa Giones, you will find a trail that will take you to Playa Pelada, surrounded by trees and tidal pools. If you are going on vacation with your family, be sure to visit this beach. This is a great place to sit and admire the seagulls, herring and pelicans, of which there are many. The powerful sound of the sea is an experience in itself. Numerous rock formations are visible, and the reservoirs on them are a magnificent sight during the change of tides. You can’t surf here, it’s dangerous, but you can walk along the river and admire nature.

If you are looking for a beach holiday then this little seaside town has a lot to offer. These four amazing beaches have so much more to offer than surfing and snorkeling. Stay here for a week and experience an unforgettable holiday experience in Nosara.

Nosara Map