Brela, Croatia 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Brela is located approximately 14 km northwest of Makarska and is surrounded by the longest and most beautiful coastline in Dalmatia. Six kilometers of pebbly shores curve around bays densely planted with pine trees.

Brela Dalmatia
Brela Dalmatia

The city consists of the old part (Gornja Brela) behind the serpentine of the old road on the hill and the new part located along the coast (Donja Brela).

A small Dalmatian town with a population of only 1,500 people is famous for its pine forests and unique pebble beaches, the most popular of which is Punta Rata, which is several kilometers long.

The breeze brings the scent of the sea, and the scent of herbs is felt in the air. The calls of seagulls are mixed with the singing of birds. In 1968 Brela, was crowned as "Champion of the Adriatic" for high achievements in tourism activities.

Brela is unique in its beauty with amazing beaches, pine forest, crystal blue sea, mediterranean climate, sports facilities, marina, ecological environment and relaxation, top quality service in luxury hotels.

The main features of this beach are very small pebbles and a huge number of pine trees, approaching almost to the very edge of the surf.

Another feature of the town of Brela is a many-kilometer pedestrian path along the sea to the neighboring towns north of the city center. To the south there is a multi-kilometer promenade to the town of Basko Pole, although it is practically possible to walk to Makarska (12 km).

In the central part of the town there are numerous restaurants and cafes, the best of which are Feral, Palma, Arka.

In the evenings you can relax in the youth bars of Brela - " Robinzone", "Lungomare" (city center) and " Juznjecka utjeha " (beach bar, near the hotel "Berulia" ).

The nearest discos are located in the town of Baska Voda.

The cleanest sea with a water transparency of up to 50 meters, dense pine forests, the most beautiful mountain spurs of the Biokovo ranges, a wonderful climate allowed Brela to win the title of champion of the Adriatic Sea in 1986 and get the first place in popularity among all Croatian resorts in 2002! Moreover, in 2004, the American FORBES magazine included the Punta Rata beach in the top ten most beautiful on the planet, where it ranks 6th in the world and 1st in Europe!

In 2003, at the hotel exhibition in Paris, the holding "Hoteli Brela", which includes 4 hotels: "Berulia", "Marina", "Maestral" and "Soline", received a prestigious award for quality - "Quality Commitment".

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