Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, Maine (with Map & Photos)

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Point Light is a historic lighthouse in the United States. Located in Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine, at the tip of the Neck.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


The original light was an Argand-Lewis parabolic reflector, lit by candles and with a visibility of 2 miles 3.2 km). Augustin Fresnel invented a superior way of focusing light in the early 1850s and most lighthouses in the US were converted to the Fresnel lens, with Pemaquid Point receiving a fourth order Fresnel in 1856. it is one of six Fresnel lenses still in service in Maine. The caretaker's house was built in 1857


The lighthouse was commissioned in 1827 by President John Quincy Adams and built that year. Due to poor workmanship (salt water was used in the mortar mix), the lighthouse began to crumble and was replaced in 1835. The second contract for construction stipulated that only fresh water be used.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Map