Moosehead Lake, Maine, New England (with Map & Photos)

Moosehead Lake is a body of water located in west-central Maine (USA). Moosehead is the largest of the state's many lakes, covering 310 km². Located at an altitude of 312 m, it is dotted with numerous islands, the largest of which is that of Sugar. The lake is the source of the Kennebec River. The rugged shores of the Moosehead are home to numerous sheltered coves suitable for fishing and other recreational activities; Greenville, at its southern end, is a summer resort, outdoor activity hub, and seaplane station. The lake, when viewed from Mount Kineo, on its central-eastern shore, is said to resemble the head of a crouching moose.

Moosehead Lake Maine
Moosehead Lake Maine


Moosehead Lake is located at an altitude of 312 m above sea level. 40 by 10 miles (64 by 16 km), with an area of ​​almost 118 miles (about 303 km²) and over 400 miles (640 km) of coastline. Its main entrance is the Elks River which, east of Jackman, flows through Long Pond to Lake Brassois. East of Moosehead Lake, the Roach River is the second largest tributary. From Moosehead Lake to the southwest flow its eastern and western sources - the Kennebec River.

The Moosehead Lake region covers 4,400 square miles (11,000 km²) of West Central Maine and includes 127 townships in addition to Moosehead Lake. There are 330 miles (530 km) of major stem rivers in the region, fed by 3,850 miles (6,200 km) of smaller tributaries. During the last ice age, over 1,200 natural lakes and ponds were carved into its landscape, ranging in size from one-acre (4,000 m²) ponds to 75,451 acres (303 km²) Moosehead, one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the United States. The total area of ​​all standing surface water in the region is more than 238,000 acres (963 km²) - 24% of the total area of ​​lakes and ponds in Maine.

Moosehead Lake Map