La Rambla Street, Barcelona, Spain (with Map & Photos)

La Rambla Boulevard is a cult place in Barcelona, Spain. Here, the color of the local bohemian mixes with modern youth and admiring tourists, and the best architectural styles coexist with fashion couturier shops and the best coffee houses. It is difficult to find a traveler who would not visit La Rambla upon arriving in Barcelona. For many years, it has been the favorite pedestrian street of the city, a walk along which has become an obligatory ritual. The length of the street is 1.2 kilometers. The boulevard starts from Plaza Catalunya, runs between Raval and the Gothic Quarter, ending near the monument to Christopher Columbus.

La Rambla Spain
La Rambla Spain

According to the saturation of events that take place on the boulevard, La Rambla is a true extravaganza. Everyone participates in it - curious tourists, experienced citizens, florists and souvenir dealers, freelance artists, living statues, musicians.

The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the Moscow Arbat, but the special flavor of La Rambla creates a cheerful temperament and the Spaniards' love for a vibrant life, which many central streets of calm Europe will envy.

In 1766, when the Barcelona fortress became crowded within its own walls, it was decided to demolish a section of the fortress walls. Thus began the history of La Ramba boulevard, which was modeled after the French boulevards of those times. The townspeople really liked the idea of ​​the boulevard and in just a few years it became a favorite place for recreation, walks and leisure activities for completely different segments of the population.

La Rambla Spain
La Rambla Spain


Despite the fact that La Rambla seems to be a completely single street, in fact it has five parts, each of which has received a unique name. In recent years, the sixth part of the Rambla has been outlined - this is a pedestrian bridge built for the 1992 Olympics. It starts from Portal de la Pau Square and leads to the popular Maremagnum shopping mall.

Rambla de Canale̒tes

If you don't know where to make an appointment in the center of Barcelona, ​​you can without hesitation choose the Canaletes drinking fountain, as most locals do. The fountain resembles a cast-iron samovar, with four taps, four elegant lanterns and the coat of arms of Catalonia serve as decoration on top. You can really get clean drinking water in it, which is very handy, especially if you are walking in the summer heat. Near the fountain is Plaza Catalunya. This is where the Rambla begins.

The Barcelona football club brought special fame to the fountain. By tradition, from the very beginning of the 20th century, it is here that the Club's fans celebrate the victories of their team. Don't be surprised if you see a fan in blue and burgundy colors hanging from the fountain-fountain - for sure, Barca won another victory. One of the city's favorite signs says that anyone who takes even a sip from the Canaletes Fountain will undoubtedly come to Barcelona again.

La Rambla Map