Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (with Map & Photos)

The Gold Coast (Australia) is a sunny, subtropical coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland that is internationally renowned for its 57 kilometers of white sand beaches for swimming and surfing.

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast Australia

Apart from the beaches, the Gold Coast is also known for its world-class theme parks. Water lovers will be delighted with visiting local water parks with extreme slides, Warner Bros. Movie World is perfect for families with children, thanks to the abundance of attractions and the opportunity to meet characters from your favorite cartoons. Dreamworld Park is suitable for adventure seekers.

It is a popular holiday destination, inextricably linked with fun, sun, surf, sand with an abundance of subtropical green mountain areas.

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast Australia

You can get to the city from the Gold Coast Airport, located on the southern part of the Gold Coast in Coolangatta, about 40 minutes drive from the Surfers - Paradise beaches. Brisbane Airport is a major international airport that connects Queensland and Australia with many other parts of the world. From Brisbane Airport, you can reach the Gold Coast in about an hour by car or 90 minutes by train.

History of the Gold Coast

The natives called the Gold Coast area Kurrungul, due to the abundance of hardwood trees suitable for making boomerangs.

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast Australia

James Cook was the first European to spot the region while sailing along the coast in 1770. Captain Matthew Flinders, who was exploring the continent north of New South Wales, sailed by in 1802. The region remained uninhabited by Europeans until 1823, when the explorer John Oxley landed on its shores. Red cedar growing in the hinterland attracted Europeans to these areas in the mid-19th century. The wood was tied to rafts and floated down the rivers to sea sailing ships. These ships moored at the Neranga and Oxenford rivers. The western bank of the Neranga became an industrial region, and by 1875 Southport had been surveyed and quickly gained a reputation as a secluded holiday destination for wealthy Brisbane residents. Over time, the Gold Coast was overgrown with farms and filled with fields of sugar cane. Rum was a by-product of the sugar industry. Oyster farming and fishing developed in the Broadwater area.

Another settler set up a ferry service to bring visitors to the area. He also built a beach hotel on the south side of the Nerang River in 1888 to accommodate people brought by his ferry. In 1923, James Cavill built the Surfers Paradise Hotel in the area known as Alston. The land was purchased for only 80 dollars, and shortly before his death, the site was already worth 377 thousand. In 1933, the area was named after the hotel. But it wasn't until the mid-20th century that Surfers Paradise became a popular recreation center for servicemen and their families returning from the fronts of World War II. Since then, the Gold Coast has maintained its position as an excellent tourist destination. Now the Gold Coast area is considered the fastest growing region of the country.

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast Australia

Attractions Gold Coast

Despite the fact that the Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, there are many other places in the region where you can enjoy the local unique nature. In the mountains, you can find excellent hiking trails with waterfalls and freshwater reservoirs in the Currumbin Valley. Springbrook National Park - will surprise travelers with an abundance of birds and animals. It is also interesting to visit the islands of the northern Gold Coast, which can be reached by ferry. The local wildlife provides an opportunity to meet amazing wallabies and unique lizards.

A large number of festivals, cultural events, shows and sports tournaments are held annually on the Gold Coast, including the film festival, the Quiksilver Pro surfer competition.

The Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum

This is a unique place, full of rare historical materials, reflecting the growth and development of the interior of the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Cultural Heritage Museum is located in the suburb of Majirab.

The museum sought to recreate the life of the first European settlers of Australia. There are several historically significant buildings here, including the Franklin House, the Neranga train station, the cream barn, and the police station. All these buildings have been carefully restored.

Gold Coast Art Center

The Arts Center is the Gold Coast's premier cultural center that represents the visual and performing arts in South East Queensland. The complex includes the Arts Theatre, the Gold Coast City Gallery, two cinemas and a café. The Arts Center was officially opened in December 1986. Its gallery houses the city's famous collection of contemporary and historical works.

First skyscraper Q1

It is the first skyscraper built on the Gold Coast. In 1998, the Anderson family purchased a property in the center of Surfers Paradise and in 2002 construction began on this unique 322.5 meter building, now known as Queensland Number One. It is from the observation decks of this giant that stunning panoramic views of the entire Gold Coast are available for viewing. The cost of the project is about 255 million US dollars. Its spire is made of glass and steel and reaches a height of 97.7 meters. The illuminated spire is visible at a distance of 200 kilometers.

Gold Coast Map