Khao Yai National Park, Thailand (with Map & Photos)

Khao Yai National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาใหญ่) was opened in 1961. It is the oldest in Thailand.
It stretches over two thousand square kilometers, the area of ​​the four provinces, 200 kilometers north of Bangkok.

It is one of the best and most diverse parks in Thailand, and at the same time, one of the best in the world.

Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai National Park

It dates its amplitude, includes several habitats: tropical evergreen forest, deciduous forest, mixed evergreen forest.

This great biological diversity is also due to the presence of two rivers and some mountains, such as the Khao Khieo, over a thousand meters high. The Lam River forms the beautiful waterfalls of Takhong, called Haeo Suwat, near which orchids flourish.

In Khao Yai National Park there are many species of animals, including the largest colony of wild elephants in Thailand, some 300 pairs. Another inhabitant of the park is the tiger. There are about 500 here.

Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai National Park

There are several species of deer. Among them are the rarest, the muntjak deer, sambar, also the gibbons, tailless monkeys, are very numerous, as well as other species of monkeys. Other mammals that inhabit the park are wild boars, bears of various species, leopards, and serow (a type of goat).

Among the 300 species of birds, three in particular stand out. The hornbill, a large black bird with a curved beak, is present in its four different subspecies: the greater, the crowned, the spotted, the rhinoceros. In Khao Yai National Park there is the largest population of hornbills in the country. The Siamese pheasant is the symbol of Thailand. Bats live by the millions in the caves of the park. Right after sunset, you can see them flying in large flocks.

Naturally, the flora is very diverse.

Among the most common species, in addition to orchids, there are ferns, palms, but also tall deciduous trees. The park is crossed by 50 kilometers of trails. Consequently, you can visit most of it, spotting animals, especially mammals, even if it's not that easy. The best time is probably at dawn, in the mist that surrounds the park, so it is very fascinating.

Khao Yai National Park Map