5 Best Beaches in Fort Myers, Florida (with Map & Photos)

The Fort Myers radius has long been a tourist entertainment for its sun-drenched beaches and warm, clear waters lapped by soft white sands. Combine a wide variety of reasonably priced accommodations, good dining options and fun things to do, and the combination is almost alluring. Fort Myers is located in the Abrigo de México, in a radius of Florida that almost always has the guarantee of having warm weather, even on the darkest days of winter.

The best beaches are at Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island, about a 30 minute drive to downtown Fort Myers. You can also find beautiful stretches of sand on several other nearby barrier islands. Each beach area has its own personality and characteristics. Some are quiet, some are lively and full of storyline, some are ideal for families with young children. And the big stretches don't have anyone around.

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach

The beaches here tend to be narrower than those on the Atlantic side, but they have warmer waters and smaller waves. The splendid beaches of Estero Boulevard fill up with families in the late season, and parking can sometimes be a problem. A beach cart operates during the hours of veteran activity and is a great alternative and a much less expensive option than enriching for parking. Having said that,There are 26 public beach accesses available if you know where to get off and where to park. Enjoy the sun and sand with our ribbon of the best beaches around Fort Myers.

1. Lynn Hall Lawsuit Park Beach and The Pier

Fort Myers Beach
Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach

If you want to find the liveliest stretch of sand on Fort Myers Beach, head to the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Stop, across from Times Square. This is the most popular beach in the Fort Myers area. On the ideal side of the stop is Lynn Receiver Demand Park, which is a perfect bag for a day at the beach.Every day large crowds descend on this golden stretch and, although it is busy, it is not overwhelming, since at It is often families and couples who hike or walk from nearby hotels. If you're here in March, when spring break takes place, expect a cooler, more lively crowd. Lynn Memorial Park HallwayIt has subscription parking, showers, toilets and changing rooms. In the green areas, you will find picnic tables and charcoal grills.

This is an ideal point to prepare a meal to the song fought on the beach. The parking lot fills up early, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to secure a spot and table. If you are traveling with young children, you are in luck. The city recently installed a new childish park in the park, with all sorts of fun structures to climb. Just got back from Lynn Hall Lawsuit Park is a fun commercial radio Times Square location. This pedestrian-only hotspot is filled with courtyards restaurants, unique retail stores, and street performers.. Grab an ice cream and wander around to soak up the number. Calibrated to the Times Square ideal, retail establishments continue. It's worth a stroll down Old San Carlos Boulevard to First Street. One of the main perks of waving the beach at Lynn Hall Demand Park is the nearby stop.

The Fort Myers Beach Fishing StopIt stretches 560 feet in the direction of the Abrigo de México and is a great spot to hike. Fishing is popular here, and rod, bait, and tackle are available from the concession at the stop. Fishing immorality is not required. Typical species of fish caught here include Spanish horse mackerel, flounder, outraged drum, cerulean fish, sheep persona, and many others. Make sure to return to The Pier at sunset. This is one of the best places in Fort Myers to watch the sunset. A pleasant walk is to head in the ideal direction from this beach and continue in the foreign direction to Bowditch Point Park. Along the way, be sure to keep an eye out for interesting shells that tend to wash up on this radio.

2. Crescent Beach

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier

Gauged south of The Pier is the 2.5-acre Crescent Beach Family Park. This beach area is where you will find a more active sports number. Beach volleyball courts are set back from the seashore, and most afternoons will take place games. Facilities here include picnic tables set under umbrellas, restrooms, and handicap parking. The beach in front is 400 feet wide and is a great spot to place an umbrella and a beach implement. This is an open radius and a good spot to edit a soccer ball or have an impromptu soccer game in the sand. A short walk in the direction of the ideal will take you to The Pier, and right back from the park you will find the lively Estero Boulevard, full of interesting and unique shops.

3. Lani Kai beach area

Fort Myers Beach
Spring Break at Lani Kai Beach

This beach radius is roughly defined as the radius across from the Lani Kai Resort and the On The Sand Hotel between Canal Street and Avenue C. This is where the cool and beautiful family gathers. Here, music is offered to all tummies, games and a good family. In front of the hotels, you can rent a sea of ​​sun loungers and umbrellas. Food and beverage service is set up right on your implement, so you can focus on getting your best tan and feeling right. Calibrated offshore is moored a fleet of pleasure boats, while Jet-Ski expedition surrounds. Strolling along the beach here is an important pastime, and crowds roam from band to band with no particular destination in mind.

4. Lover's Key State Park

Fort Myers Beach
White Egret at Lover's Key State Park

Lover's Key State Park is just a short drive south of Fort Myers and is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire radius. This may be a good alternative to the number in the Fort Myers Beach radius. The beach is two miles of splendid and rarely gets crowded with family. The further you get away from the main areas of approach, the more casual it becomes. Walk far enough and it's just you and the seagulls basking in the warm Florida sun as a clever fisherwoman circles overhead. The sand is soft and the water is warm and shallow.

The beach is backed by natural vegetation cover that provides some protection against defeat and the sun. Canoe, kayak and paddle boards are available to rent from the park concession. If you have your own equipment, a boat gig is still fitted. Looking for a good pounding spot near Fort Myers? You have come to the right point. Lover's Key Beach is one of the hot spots for shelling in the area. The beach is generally level at the water's edge, so strolling here is clear and offers incredible views.Outside the beach there are five miles of trails through natural ground cover, great for spotting wildlife, including the ubiquitous turtle of Earth. Amid the canopy, butterfly sightings are common, and egrets and herons are always on the hunt.

There is a fee to enter the park, but that includes your parking and a free shuttle to the beach from the parking radius in case you want to use it. Above the main beach two miles,exclusively for dogs. Here, among the mangroves and wide shallow sandy areas, dogs may be worth off-leash to frolic in the water with all their new four-legged friends. Although Dog Beach is technically part of Lover's Key State Park, the approach to Dog Beach is free.

5. Newton Park

Fort Myers Beach
Cyclists on the beach near Newton Park

The beach radius south of the Lani Kai Resort continues for another four miles. After a while, hotels give way to private houses, and as you move south, the beach becomes less and less crowded. A sweet spot to hit this wonderful stretch of sand is Newton Park. Once home to Jim Newton, a Fort Myers warehouse sign, this radio now provides conspicuous close-up to the beautiful sandy beach out front. Facilities include picnic tables, shelters, showers, restrooms and drinking fountains. The park is located at 4650 Estero Boulevard and is across the street from the large Publix grocery store. Stock up on cold drinks, snacks and beach toys here before hitting the beach.

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