Castle Point Lighthouse, New Zealand (with Map & Photos)

  • Lighthouse: Castlepoint
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Location: Cape Castlepoint, North Island, Wellington Region
  • Coordinates: 40 ° 54.0235 'S 176 ° 13.8809' E
  • Status: active

Castle Point Lighthouse
Castle Point Lighthouse

Built in 1913, the Castle Point Lighthouse has gained popularity among vacationers who like to visit the nearest beach on weekend. Until 1954, the lighthouse lamp was oil, from 1954 to 1961 - electric, powered by a stationary diesel generator, from 1961 the lighthouse was connected to the centralized power grid. In 1988, the post of caretaker was abolished at the lighthouse: it is now operated remotely from the New Zealand capital.

Castle Point Lighthouse Map