Sol Duc River, Washington, United States (with Photos)

Sol Duc River, river in the state of Washington, USA. The quick exposure of the camera captures the flow of the river transmitting us a sensation of movement, while a white and silky tone in the bath. The dark colors of the orilla and rocas contrast with the luminosity and the intense green that emanates from the trees. Fresh image that invites you to lose yourself in this fantastic paraje.

Sol Duc River Washington
Sol Duc River Washington

Sol Duc River is another waterfall found on the north shore of the Olympic Peninsula.

This hike is a 1.6 mile round trip, with an elevation gain of 200 feet.

This park requires a national parking pass to park.

The campground is nearby, but dogs are not allowed in the park.

Many people compare the Sol Duc River to the rainforest because of the old trees and lush landscape.

This is a beautiful place to visit in winter, due to the snow-capped peaks and the wildlife that frequents the area.

To get to the Sol Duc Falls trail, you need to follow the road past Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort.

This is a great family hike that everyone will enjoy.

Sol Duc River Map