Loch Etive, Argyll and Bute, Scotland (with Map & Photos)

For a tourist adventure there is nothing better in Scotland than Glen Etive. It is such an isolated place that many tourists have gotten lost along the way. Situated on the road between Rannock Moor and Glencoe, the road to Glen Etive is a simple narrow road, known only to those who dare to tread it.

Loch Etive
Loch Etive

But don't be scared. Breathtaking views, magnificent landscapes and unsurpassed nature are what brave hikers later bring to safety in their cameras. Glen Etive is unique in that there is no town or city in it. The open spaces only offer beauty, beauty and beauty.

As soon as we start our way, we descend to the ruins of what must have been a very busy dock. Ships came here from Oban, skirting Loch Etive. Glen Etive is at the top of the lake, and a number of boats still operate today, albeit a little further down. But above all, it is the hikers and the brave who take advantage of all this picturesque landscape.

The hiking trails run through impressive valleys and hills. You will see above all the wonderful hills of Buachaille Etive Beag and Buachaille Etive Moor. The mountain roads of these highlands lead us to spectacular views and unforgettable landscapes.

One of the biggest attractions in Glen Etive is Ben Starav. Ben Starav is a mountain range that stands at a height of 1,078 meters. From it we have a wonderful perspective of Loch Etive and Glen Etive as a whole, as well as the 997 meter Glas Bheinn Moor.

For those who are dizzy at the heights, it is not highly recommended to climb to Ben Starav. Many photography enthusiasts come to Glen Etive before sunrise and sunset. The ruins of the pier, the calm waters of the lake and the mountains that surround us invite us to take the best photographs we have ever been able to take.

It seems as if Glen Etive is a place from another world. It is for this reason that hikers who have visited it are only looking forward to returning one day, to once again enjoy one of Scotland's most intriguing jewels.

Loch Etive Map